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Gems of War: Saving and Loading issues across two Steam accounts (Different PC's)

My friend and I decided to play Gems of War. He started his account on my computer and played for a bit. He then went over to his computer and installed the game and resumed playing. I went on my computer (where he was previously playing) and signed into my Steam and attempted to play the game. When the game loaded in it pulled his save information. We have tried multiple solutions such as uninstalling and restarting Steam.

I just want to be able to play the game without his information in my Steam account. I should also note that I do not have an account yet because it keeps signing my friends account in under my steam and his.

I have no idea how this is happening or why. Any help would be appreciated.

Log onto the device you have your account on.

Go into the options (cogwheel)
Click “account” (bottom right corner)

You have to “register this device” (I don’t remember what it does exactly as I can’t do it anymore, but I think it just basically create your account on the GoW servers, unlocking the “Show your password” option).
Then click the “Show your Password” option

Then go onto the device you want to share the account with. Go into the same menu and pick “Link to another account” and enter your email (you had to register it when registering your device I believe) and the password you previously got.

This should solve the problem as GoW doesn’t seem to use any Steam functions (wich is way I don’t understand why uninstalling the game didn’t solve the issue though, so I might not have understood.

I tried this method. It did not seem to work. I appreciate the suggestion though.

So… Your friend has his account on your 2 computers, but what I don’t get is : where is yours?

Do you have any? From what I understand of the problem, you tried to make one through Steam but couldn’t as your friend’s save is already on it.

From my experience, uninstalling the game clears it from any saved game (at one point I had to uninstall, and my account was reseted, I had to load it through the method I gave you). Just in case, check for any “Gems Of War” folder on your computer and delete it. It should be here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

But if it doesn’t (wich is certainly weird), I would try to create one on a phone (Android or iPhone) and load it through the same method I posted above.

If none of that work… Well, you should just submit a request ( https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new )

I should have been a bit more clear. My friend created the account on my computer. He started playing it on my computer for a few hours. I decided that I liked the game and wanted to play it for myself. He then logged out and went to his own computer to continue playing. When he played on my computer he was signed into his steam.

When he returned to his computer and resumed playing it loaded his save. I logged into my profile and his save showed up instead of a new game.

Well, a saved game can be loaded either

  • from your computer
  • from the server

From my experience of Game of War, I’d say that when you launch the app, it

  • charges the save from your computer
  • sync your computer save with the server version of that same save

And that’s it. The only time it will only load from the server is when you go through the method I first described. When you do, it overrides the save on your computer.

Since you don’t use that method, ending up with your friend’s save can only mean you are loading a save stored localy on your computer. Now I don’t exactly know where does Gems of War stores data on your computer, but I believe removing the Gems of War folder should do the trick. Then you have to download the game again and you will be able to start a new game.

The fact that uninstalling the app through Steam doesn’t work… Might simply mean that for some reason (might come from your Steam or from Gems of War), uninstalling the game doesn’t remove that folder (wich is a waaaaay to common problem with uninstallers…)

But, as I said, you can also start a new game on a phone then load it on your computer from the server to override your local computer save.

Left you a reply on the Steam forums. Good luck on retrieving your account!

I will try it all out thank you!

I’ve also sent you a reply from Support.