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Linking account problem!?

I`ve got problem with linking my account to PC. My main hero is on mobile (android galaxy s8plus) and I want to link that account on my PC (steam version) account.
When I press: Link to another account (if your favorite hero is on another device…)
It wants my Email and password
I wrote my Email but I cant find password on my mobile version!?
and it wont press it “Show your Password” option on my mobile (the button its grey - inactive)

am i doing something wrong or whats the problem?

PLEASE help me

Thank you in advance

It looks like your account isn’t registered. Try registering it again.

I`ve signed in with my gmail account on my mobile :confused: where can I register on my mobile?

They should send you a verification email from Gems of War support to register your device.

already confirmed that on my mail but theres no password for me to link it to my STEAM pc version :frowning:

The password will appear a little bit after you verify the account.

To link your account to PC you need to ensure your account is verified on your mobile first, as awryan mentioned. To do this check out this article on our Help Center. If you’re using gmail the password or verification email might appear in your ‘Updates’ tab or even your spam.

If you don’t receive a password please contact support and quote your ticket number and I will help you out.

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Thank you awryan and Cyrup
Done it


Hooray! :smiley:

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