A guide to Simultaneous Play (aka "Dual-Play")

Did you know that you can play GoW on multiple devices at the same time?
Even better, it is NOT an exploit! Our friends at infinite-interactive are fine with it!

So what do you need:

  1. 2 or more devices of any kinds (tablet, phone, computer).
  2. Ensure your devices are link to your account. see guide: How to play GoW on multiple devices
  3. A familiar team.

How to:

  • Invade with your first device and play as usual. ONLY invades/defend can be played simultaneously!
  • Invade with your second device and play as usual. Use the same team for all invades.
    First Device:

    Second Device:
  • Try to play while the it’s the AI turn on the other device.
  • Do NOT end both games simultaneously!
    Once the first invasion ends, start a new one before you finish the second one,
    otherwise the second win will not get any encounter gold, just bonus gold!
    This is the first win:

    This is the second win… Which was won too soon!
  • You will get all rewards for both invades (exp, gold, trophies, souls, …).
  • Rinse and repeat!

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Interesting :open_mouth:

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Hey devs team, wasn’t there a fix to disable this?

@Sirrian @Nimhain?

Does (still) seem rather unfair…

Haha, so this is how you went to level 1000 first! :smile:

Tried it.
… Gave me a headache.

I’m not worthy! :tired_face:

@ctu1208: It was easier in pre 1.07… Now with the speed increase, it’s almost not worth it!
@MarvelKit: Yes, sometime late a night, I would open both tablets and computer and play 3 at the same time! during the weekeends, I would let my kids play GoW on the tablets while I was playing it on my Iphone.

However, I never kept this a secret. I posted it, back in the days and my guild (match masters) knew I was doing it.

Sorry, didn’t intend it to sound like an accusation of cheating - point taken you’ve always been open about it… But it still feels… Unfair…

No offence taken. :wink:

I have and do play like this often. I’m only level 255 and played since launch. Just showing you it doesn’t necessarily translate into advanced levels. I mainly do it to power back to rank 1 on Mondays.

Does this still work? I have been unable to play on 2 devices at once. It is always telling me to contact support. I have tried on an Apple and Android device. Always says servers are not in sync no matter what I do.

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AFAIK it was disabled in 2.0 (probably because of the PvP ladder?)