Linking android with PC


If I link my android gems of war account to PC, and start playing on PC. Will everything be saved automaticly then(?), so when I play on android again, that I start where I ended on PC?



If you link your account, you can play on any device (PC or Mobile that is) with the same account without losing any progress.


Thanks, but do it saves automatically when I play on PC, so I get right back where I ended the session, when I start playing on android again?


It should save the progress.


Thanks for the help and for the very fast replies! :slightly_smiling:


sometimes the team changes dont save, but gems, gold, souls, cards, and traitstones do get saved. its part of the server action. It doesnt save unfinished battles.


How to link? :3


go to settings and account. there you will find several options.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling:


I have the game installed on my PC and my iPad, but they are two different accounts. Can I have two accounts on my PC? One with my iPad name and one with my original PC name?


Short answer is Yes…

But we advise against using multiple accounts on single device, as it can cause one or both accounts to accidentally become deactivated.

Deactivated accounts still play and progress like normal, they just can’t be linked any more, and requires our support team to manually reactivate them (once you contact them).


I went ahead and merged them deleting my old rarely used account, thanks for the information.