Linking games to other devices

So can I link my PS4 game to my Xbox1? And I have downloaded gems of war on my Samsung Galaxy s8+. Can I link to my PS4 game to my phone? If so, how? My phone gems of war is asking for email and password. I don’t have one. If I do, I don’t know what it is or how to find it. I’m going back to work and cannot bring the PS4. haha
I’m fairly new to the guild. I’ve been playing for a few months and I think I’m getting the hang of things, but my son isn’t here to teach me how the gaming world works lol.
Your help is greatly appreciated
Thank you

No you can’t link xbox or ps4 to anything.

So I have to have a different account for each device? Why does it ask if I want to link accounts when downloading the game?

Not understanding…:no_mouth:

Sadly, we can’t link accounts on other platforms because of Sony and Microsoft’s purchasing issues and/or terms of service :frowning:
Account linking is for PC/Mobile only. Hope this helped a little :slight_smile:


Thank you.

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Hi all, some Xbox players (including me) wants link account between Xbox and phones (Android or Apple).

Like some players, since the first times of the game, we played a lot and do not have to start a new game on our phones will be very very appreciable.

So, Xbox players Community wants account linking possible to continue to play everywhere and at everytime…
Is there something to do this request?

Please developers, consider our wihsh for the futur.

Sad truth is that neither microsoft or sony want for you to be able to buy items with real money trough steam/play store/apple store and then have it on your console on the same account without them getting a single cent

Yeah, to try and write something wiki-style about it to make all the facts clear:

Gems of War would like to support cross-platform play across all platforms. But not every platform has been historically friendly to it, currently what exists is “for VIP customers only”, and GoW itself needs some work for full cross-platform.

The politics of the situation revolve around Microsoft and Sony wanting to keep their console players exclusive with respect to each other. Microsoft actually promotes XBox/Windows cross-play to some extent, but Sony has actively rejected it as a feature. However, some games like Fortnite are so big they’ve had to relent. Gems of War is not that big. So until PS4 is advertising cross-play as a blessed feature for every game, it’s very unlikely GoW can afford to negotiate it with Sony.

The community might have a bone to pick, as well. XBox and PS players have been used to having their own leaderboards and guilds for a long time now. It’s objectively true they aren’t as able to collect tribute as mobile players, and generally accepted that they are at a bit of a disadvantage.

So right now, we can imagine the game is split into three isolated shards. PC/Mobile play on one shard, XBox plays on another, and Sony plays on the last. You can link multiple devices on the same shard, but that effectively means only the PC/Mobile shard gets something that feels like cross-platform play.

There are still reasons to leave information about account linking, though.

  1. You can have multiple PS4s or multiple XBoxes.
  2. If your console breaks, the account link system is how you recover your old account.
  3. The account link information is useful for support if your account is corrupted and you need to recover it.
  4. If Sony/MS ever do bless cross-platform play, the devs don’t have to update the client to make it work.

They could at least launch an app for android / ios where we can visualize collecting resources and assembling strategies. No store options. Just treasure hunt. it would help a lot to boost the moments away from the platform.