Can you link your Xbox One account to Steam?

Hi there, I’ve been playing Gems of War on my Xbox One for a few days now and only just found out it’s also available on Steam and iOS, I have found my account settings to link my iPhone and Steam together to play with the same character but can’t find the settings on my Xbox One to do so. Is there a way for console to link to PC and iOS and if so, help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post :smiley:

No you cannot.

Do you know if there will eventually be a way to link them?

I have no idea. The platforms are independent, they even have their own game version and their own costumer service. On paper, I’m sure the devs would love it, but I don’t know if that’s even possible, mechanically speaking. So, wait and cross your fingers I guess? ^^

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Ok. Thank you for your help :smile:

Never gonna happen, sadly.

There’s been a few threads on this (sorry I am too lazy to find and link one) - it’s more a legal issue than a technical issue…

Just start a new game on Steam >< You can also link Steam Account to your phone. Very convenient for travelling/lunch break purposes.

Did I mention we’re also one patch ahead of Xbox? Words from the dev is that they are trying to get 1.0.8 version out before end of the year. That’s the patch where we get a new Tier of monsters (Mythic) and lots of exciting new stuff!

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Also Steam is FREE to download.


Bill already has a Steam account, which he has linked to his phone. His problem was that he couldn’t find an option to link his console account, since, well, it doesn’t exist. Telling him to do what he already did is not going to help him at all.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for them to come out with the Windows 10 Phone version. Really sucks, for those of us who can’t stand iOS or Android.