Same Account use for multi-platforms

Is there anyway to have my xbox account linked to my mobile?.. I would love to play on the go but dont want to start over…

No way to play with account from Xbox to pc/mobile due to cross platform restrictions


Is there any reason for that?.. Or do they just not have cross play in mind for this type of game.I think it’d be a great idea. I dont see why enabling you to play on different platforms is a problem. Kinda sucks I cant go on the run and play but i guess it is what it is…

They can’t because of unspecified “legal issues”, mentioned multiple times. Here is one such mention:

Heres another:

Heres one this year:

And theres probably a bunch more or some more recent than that, but the reply is generally that.


My guess as to unspecified ‘legal issues’ is it has something to do with some license agreement and they aren’t at liberty to discuss it. One problem with a lot of ‘legal issues’ is they’re often pretty strict about who you can tell what.

For example, due to “legal issues” I can’t tell you what I think about a couple of major companies. I can’t even tell you why.

If I had to wager, my bet is on, “Even if Sony and Microsoft have announced they don’t care about cross-platform play, the current agreement GoW has with those two doesn’t reflect it. Until a new agreement is forged and a lawyer feels it is safe to proceed, it isn’t happening. The agreement also explicitly forbids discussing the agreement.”

(This is one of the places where even though I hate the excuses I trust the devs, I can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t link accounts if it were legally possible. IMO people would spend more this way, but what do I know?)

That remind me and STO (aka start trek online), i played (and csed) it on pc, liked it too, but then “quitted” gaming on pc and would have liked to have my account transfered to ps4 but there’s a small problem.

Playing on pc my money gone to the publisher (and then ofc to devs too, dunno on which %), on ps4 money go to someone else (not really sure if to devs directly or sony, didnt even bothered install it), so basically they wont do any account transfer so if you wanna all the real money stuff you got giving money to someone else on another platform you NEED pay for it again to get it on new one.

Imagine how many people will be able to play a single account if this happens :scream: