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Cross platform playing

Wish we could play gems of war on any device including Xbox one one account for all

Learn how to search. Long asked for but Microsoft won’t allow the sharing

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Well THAT was unnecessarily haughty.

Anyway, yeah, everyone would like that in a perfect world, but it’s always fallen under “we know, but it’s not gonna happen” whenever a dev has chimed in, unfortunately.


How about being polite and constructive rather than rude? That might be worth learning :wink:


Unfortunately that will never happen and understandable with what is involved. It would be great to play my ps4 account on my tablet :+1:

Unfortunately I will be the confirming bearer of bad news, as is my duty as a dev - due to legal restrictions and requirements that we must adhere to we can’t have console accounts link to other platforms. However, your game progress on console is tied to the respective Xbox Live/PSN account so if you need to reinstall as long as you are logged in there you won’t lose your progress. :slight_smile: (woohoo, good news!)

@Cyrup. I get the cross platform for consoles but a follow up question is towards mobile. If I have a Microsoft phone is there any plans to link my xbox account to my mobile so I can play my account and troops on the go rather than starting over?

I can’t speak for the devs, but since Windows Phone is discontinued…I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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That’s a good point. I’ll still keep the question in the air though. I’d like to play on the go with my account rather than start over. As incredibly fun as this game is id hate to backtrack.

Sorry, unfortunately the cross-platform play issues are platform specific as opposed to publisher. :frowning:

It becomes complicated as you mix different economies, first–partners and methods of payment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft was open for Cross-Platform play.

They have a few games already with cross-platform play with Nintendo Switch and PC like Rocket League and Minecraft, and many of their other games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles which allows players to play a game on Xbox One or Windows 10.

Each game has a separate deal with first party. It is also worth noting that as Gems of War is free to play they rely on in game transactions to make money. It’s not as easy as buying the game on a platform and playing across to another one when the money has already been invested.