Gems of War on Next Gen

Not sure if this has been asked and apologies if it has.

Is Gems of War going to be available on next generation console (PS5) ?

Also, will my stuff carry over or is the plan to start from scratch / A entire new game?

Just my thougths:

  • PS5 should be compatible with PS4 Games, so also the old Version should work.
  • They wont kill the accounts of their playerbase (would be stupid), they are also connected to the PSN Account, which works with all Playstation generations.

I get your thoughts but when they brought out Xbox One not all Xbox games worked despite being compatible.

In my opinion they would make more income starting everyone from scratch. So why wouldn’t they :thinking:

Being this far down the line, I doubt almost all players would want to start again, the grind would be too much. Anyway, your account is linked to your PSN ID so providing gow is one of the backward compatible games, there won’t be any issues. Certainly feedback from the devs would be appreciated but I assume it could still be too soon to say anything.

Yes. Gems of War will be on next gen.
Though I don’t think the devs are allowed to confirm that it’s official yet.
And no time table on when it actually will be.
And absolutely no idea if the systems will be able to cross-play with their current gen versions. I figure they will be. But then again I figured Switch would be added to PC/Mobile cross-play by now.
With C-19 lurking in the world, it’s hard to plan for even the plan able events.

Logically we can assume they’ll port it as long as it’s making money.

They haven’t given us any confirmation or details yet and probably won’t until the time comes. Usually we don’t find out the details of what they’re doing until after they do it.

What they do and how they do it is subject to details they may not even have yet, since PS5 is still a promise and not a reality. Part of why consoles have their own shards is the original Sony Playstation policies forbid cross-play as a feature. So if Sony’s new policy has a contractual obligation that doesn’t allow them to let PS5/PS4 talk to each other, they’re going to have to follow it. But those details are probably still in flux and not fully published, so they can’t decide how to react.

Devs once said if gems died on xbox or ps we could then migrate our accounts to mobile / steam.

Gems runs under Unity, and a port is probably almost as simple as recompile / rebuild.

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In terms of making money if they start again it’s a obvious no brainier. The question is how many end game players would they loose.