Next gen update timeline?

Since we were told that the last update was basically laying the framework for next gen…I was wondering when we will get that version, “specifically for PS5”

Isn’t the PS5 a urban legend ? :wink:

Nope, that’s what I play on.

I’m gonna kill a wish on this one lol.

They are probably just moving to the next version of “Unity” that supports ‘special PS5 features’ instead of compiling Unity gems code in backwards compatibility mode.

Are they doing this to support cool new PS5 features? Meh, more likely the old version of Unity will fall out of support.

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Bumping this, any news?

Hey, we are available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can use your same Gems of War account from PS4 and Xbox Series X as long as you sign into the same PSN or Xbox Live account you were using on Gems of War on your old console.

I think the question is, when the native (optimized) versions are planed. On PS5 its just the PS4 Version.