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Is this coming to ps5 and the new xbox?

This might be a dumb question but I haven’t seen anything on this… I play on the PS4 and I was wondering if the game will come onto next gen consoles. I plan on buying a ps5 eventually and would like my game data to be transferred over to the ps5 so I don’t have to switch consoles when I want to play this game. Has any info been announced on this yet?

If this has been addressed already then I’m sorry for this thread. I just haven’t heard anything but then again I didn’t look too hard either. Thanks for any info and help.

I don’t think the devs actually said anything about this… But according to MS, ~all (non-kinect) current gen xbox games will work on next xbox.

Unity software should make any transition ‘easy’, and the infin+2 devs can get help from 505 on console stuff I guess.

Gems in 8k at 120fps sure is an exciting proposition :smirk:

I can’t recall where I read this, but (at least) the Xbox Series X will be 100% backwards compatible on launch. With emphasis on devs launching a free 8k/120fps patch.
But, we know that won’t matter. Though running two consoles will.

X Box Series X version has been confirmed.
Not going to say by who since it was months ago and I haven’t heard anything else. So they probably weren’t supposed to say anything.
There I assume PS5 is getting GoW as well.
“Should” be able to cross play between the generations as long it’s PS4 to PS5 sort of deal.