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What are the GoW plans after the PS5 comes out?

I’d really like to know if GoW will be playable on the PS5 because I am sure MANY if not all of the current ps4 users will be upgrading. Devs…any reply?

Until Sony says more about backward compatibility on PS5 their hands are likely tied. Hopefully Sony provides more details soon

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We want to support Gems on next gen but it’s still too early for me to have any details to share yet.


Thank you for your answer

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Haha. Then new consoles are the reason for the ludicrous new 505 directive. Nice call.


save your pocket money guys.

The chance that there is not, makes this update look like a plan to take the money and run(less pc players)

Hello Kefka,
It is NEVER too early to talk about possible support for Gems of War on PS5, the release of the consol is fast approaching, and it will be out in 3-4 months.
I don’t know if you are aware of this, but a lot of players are in the process of stopping the game. So please communicate more and be specific! Thank you in advance.

Their hands are probably tied by Sony. Sony has not divulge much for details regarding backwards comparability.


Not at all !
SONY to confirm that nearly 4000 PS4 games would be backward compatible on PS5. It’s up to 505 to speak out on that!
I hope for one thing, not to start all over again from Zero, because this is Niet!

No. Sony has said the top 100 PS4 games will be compatible with PS5.


Reading you guys sounds like after PS5 release PS4 cease to exist, which is of course not true, console will still be there so there’s no rush to push devs to mitigate the upcoming changes

We want to support Gems of War on PS5, and we also want PS4 Gems of War accounts to be transferable to PS5, so there’s no reason to start quitting the game in panic. We have said this for the past 2 years (when questions about next gen started appearing already).

I simply have no DETAILS about it yet. I don’t want to make guesses and assumptions about how to link your accounts or when Gems of War will be released on next gen as I don’t have specifics yet.

Currently your save data on console is attached to your PSN and Xbox Live accounts, not to the console you play on.

Covid is complicating things.

As soon as we have solid information we will pass it on, but there’s no reason to panic about your Gems of War account progress on PS4 or Xbox One.


According to my sources.
(As always my own imagination.)

5.1 was sent out today as half update to make room for 5.2 in November. Which coincidentally would/should coincide with the Xbox Series and and PS5 launching as well.

Weird. :wink:

Looks like PS5 ‘should’ be compatible with GoW at launch.

I guess if it is not compatible then it will be time to quit the game come release day, time will tell.

LMAO…Considering 505’s recent behavior, my bet is on all game data transferring over to the next generation consoles, but VIP levels will be reset to 0.

LOL We all already know that Gems Of War will indeed be on the new-gen systems, we just don’t know when.

Seems to bei a Day-1 - list of incompatible games ist veeeeery short.

Barely over a week till we find out .

If you look in the PS Store, it confirms that GoW is playable on PS5 in the text there :wink:

Thought i would post this since the devs still haven’t confirmed this :stuck_out_tongue: