Series x/s version

Hey there.
I have been playing Gems on the Xbox since day one. And only recently did I get a decent PC so for the laughs I decided to download gems and see what it’s like.
In general the experience just felt a lot smoother. Which got me thinking, given the increase of capabilities for consoles, are there any plans to deliver a performance upgrade for consoles like the Series X?

It’s definitely a niche problem but i thought I’d ask.

It is kinda ridiculous the intro load screens still chop up and there’s frame loss on the series x. But I really wouldn’t expect any updates. The devs don’t communicate with people here, they have middle men who seem to just write the concerns of the playerbase off. Nothing gets fixed or upgraded, troops that don’t fit in to the game whatsoever never get fixed, obvious qol improvements get ignored, etc…

TLDR: Yes it should be fixed, but they don’t care about serious problems much less aesthetic problems.

Also waiting for a native PS5 version, but the bottleneck there will be the same, the gems servers…

I’d also like a ps5 version, although the only thing that would probably change is the loading time. It takes around 25 seconds right now, but less than 10 seconds for the mobile version to load on my phone. Might not sound like a big difference, but I obsessively interrupt other games I’m playing to collect tributes every hour and it’d be nice if it was faster. (And it’s especially jarring when games like Miles Morales load in 5 seconds)

But I don’t think native versions will come, because it runs perfectly fine with backwards compatibility so it’s likely low priority for the devs.