Plans for the PS4/XBOX

Hey devs, and thank you for a game that I will call an outstanding puzzle game. I can easily say that this game is the most exciting puzzle game I have played on any console since Lemmings on Amiga or Puyo Puyo for Sega.

I know it’s a bit early to parallell the patches for consoles and mobile/pc since it’s differently systems as well as the game is almost brand new for consoles. However I was just curious to know if the future plans is to parallell them, so updates comes out equally for mobile/pc and consoles.


I seriously want to play Lemmings right now. This is your fault.

… I’m sure they’re going to bring the console patches up to speed when possible. They have different sets of bugs and slight content variations and so on. I assume the current process is to release a patch for the PC/Mobile audience first and iron the majority of the bugs out of it - get it to a ‘stable’ state - before working on the equivalent for the consoles.

Inevitably, there will also be different people working on the different versions, and it won’t be an EQUAL process in any sense.

Thanks for the reply, how do you know all this, are you a part of the devs? Like your last statement. There have been tons of PC games and android games as well coming to Xbox and PS. Even if it is two versions, its a lot easier to adapt a game for consoles that already exists than make a new game. I do agree, there is a lot of work to do with the scripts/platforms and such, and therefor there is a PS team, probably a Xbox team, PC team and android team. They do co-operate and have meetings.If there wouldnt be an equal process in any sense, we would had a totally differently Gems of War for consoles by now, thats not the case. I think the devs does it excellent when it comes to the process to make the game be as closely as possible to the PC/android versions.

I am not one of the devs, unfortunately, nor can I speak for them. I have a relatively educated guess as to the workings though.

What I meant by unequal processes is that what takes two weeks for the PC/Mobile probably won’t take two weeks for Consoles. It might take four, or one. So even if it is only a matter of replicating the PC/Mobile version - which we’re assuming isn’t the case - they might have fewer staff dedicated to it. And/or staff doing other things. In fact, its likely a totally different team with little or no interaction with the devs on this forum. Fairly sure that’s it.

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Also while we tend to use “Consoles are on 1.06” as shorthand so that the veterans can better help the console crowd, that isn’t entirely accurate. There are features available on the consoles that were never available on the mobile / pc version (tasks being a big one). The UI is also quite a bit different. In addition there are also adjustments to some of the cards that are missing from what was in 106 and a few that were made even though that change wasn’t made in 106.

As it stands right now there is a completely different version for the consoles than the pc / mobile. It isn’t just that the consoles are behind a patch in the core, they also have expanded the consoles in different directions than the mobile. I would expect this will remain to be true. Features may very well be migrated from one system to the next eventually. I am sure the teams at least have lunch together every so often to swap ideas. But I am not sure we will ever see the consoles on exactly the same version as the mobile / pc, and after a while it may very well be up in the air about which is the “better” version.


I’ve written elsewhere on the forums regarding the PS4 and Xobox One versions. The Xbox One and PS4 versions are handled by the fantastic team over at Pipeworks and 505 Games, so we aren’t directly involved in the day-to-day production of those versions. Unfortunately, that means we can’t provide detailed plans for the release schedule.

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Can you confirm if the overall plan is to sync up the console and mobile versions? Or are these two different branches of the same game now? It might help to set expectations if the answer to that is officially known.


As there is a different team working on the console versions there will always be a slight delay. However we are hoping to get the different versions as close a possible someday.