How do I link my PS4 game progress with my cellphone app (apple)?

Just downloaded the app on my iPhone - been playing on my ps4 for about a month now and was wondering if it was possible to pick up on my phone where I left off on my ps4 … tried to “link” my accounts when logging in on my cell - but it says my email I entered “the email does not appear to be linked to a valid account” … but gems of war has emailed me already & I know with absolute certainty that I typed my email address correct, any advice/tips? Thanks

PlayStation just came out with a ps4 remote play app. You need to have your PS4 in rest mode and then connect to wifi on your phone and then you can play.

You can’t link your PS4 and iPhone Gems of War accounts. So you have to play your PS4 from your phone.

Sony doesn’t allow cross-play except in very special cases. XBox has been more lenient but only recently. Gems of War had to create server divides based on the consoles’ previous archaic policies.

It’s possible you might be able to merge them in the far future, but for now only PC/Mobile can link accounts. We’ll be able to link Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo accounts to that when they’re done slap-fighting each other and pretending like they’d lose money if they allowed it, as if there’s a single person on the planet who says, “Gee, I want a PC or a smartphone but it makes so much more sense to buy a PS4 instead, I can call all my friends on that when I’m out at a bar.”