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Alright to play on both Android and iOS?

So I got an Android phone I’m playing on and I may buy an iPad. Can I use the same account on both devices?

Is there anything to think about?
Any problems?

There are no problems, you can use the same account on steam, android, ios and amazon kindle

No problem at all.
Only one thing - you require to keep them both on the same version of a game. If a new patch will go live and you update GoW on one of your devices and will play then you will be unable to login to another device without an update GoW on that device too.

The only way they really affect each other is for sanity, GoW doesn’t let two different devices be logged on at the same time.

So if you play some on your Android phone, then pick up your iPad and start playing, when you come back to your Android phone the next time you try to do something that hits the servers, you’ll get told to restart the game. After you do that, now the same thing will happen on your iPad.

I used to play on my phone and tablet separately and I just got in the habit of force-quitting the game when I got done. That way I don’t get surprised that I have to restart it.

Ok. Good to know. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

What specs are we talking about if I want to play on mythic graphics with perfect flow?

If about iPads, one that costs €500 is enough?

I’ve lost track of how to describe the models of iPad available, Apple kind of obfuscates them.

But I know they are selling “a cheap(er) one”, “a small one”, and “the expensive ones”. Anything you buy new is going to run GoW just fine. The iPad Mini is the slowest, with an A8 CPU. The current iPad (not Pro) has an A10 CPU that is the same as what’s in my iPhone 7 I play on. The iPad Pro models cost a good bit more, but come with an A12 chip. Performance is impressive with these chips, it outruns some i5 laptops.

I think anything but an iPad Mini is going to be pretty smooth. I just cranked my phone up to Mythic quality and didn’t have any problems, but apparently I normally play on Low. I didn’t notice a difference when I changed. It probably matters more on an iPad.

So “I don’t know.”

Oh I didn’t mean to post to only you but I didn’t knew how to post “normally” :upside_down_face:

Thanks though. Checking them.

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You can use the same account on both devices:

As both an Android and iPhone user and technical support agent my tips would be, if you go with Android, ensure you have more than 3 GB storage space free, clear your cache (at risk of data) fairly frequently and for Gems of War ensure Background app data is On and Background app refresh is On.

Typically Apple devices are a little better at handling RAM and with game performance long term but it really depends on the Android vs Apple device you are comparing