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Gems of War on Kindle Fire?

Was considering buying a Kindle Fire, but couldn’t find Gems of War on the Amazon app store. Am I missing it? Or is there another way of installing it?


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people still buy kindles?

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Doesn’t look like it’s on there… Bc no one is.

I watch youtube on a kindle, does that count?

did you buy it in the last couple years since tablets have basically made ereaders obsolete?

Got it at a garage sale for $2

Stop trying to device shame on someone’s help request. It’s not helpful.

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I’d say it doesn’t count then.

The Kindle Fire is a tablet…


device shame? thats a thing now?

There is something called fat shaming your baby so this does not surprise me.

We’re currently investigating bringing Gems of War to the Amazon Store. There are a couple of technical hurdles we still need to overcome for this, so unfortunately we don’t have any dates to announce yet. The earliest it’s likely to happen is late 2016 though.


Cool. What about the Vita? A native version would be beautiful especially if you link with the ps4 account.

Awesome! Thank you for the info.

I’m not sure as we’re not in charge of the console versions of the game.

Ah right, darn, forgot about that.

Might i ask about it being available for the Nintendo Wii or the gameboy systems such as the dual screen?

Hate to necro, but this topic is exactly what I am looking for answers too. Any hope that we’ve had movement on Kindle support? I, and probably more than a few others, bought a Fire over the past few days due to very good prices. I’d love to take my GoW to the new tablet!

Hey kindles are awesome

They are the best for having a nice reading layout while still being useful for other activities. I love my kindle and I’ll be buying a new one this year. It’s a great jack of all trades since you can play games. I just wish more games were supported on it.

For comparison, I strongly dislike the iBook app on an iPad. I’d much rather have a designated reading device.

I can’t wait to have gems of war on kindle. I wasn’t sure if it was even being considered!