Upgrades, Suggestions, How you can help me spend more money on your game!

I don’t shut off the sound unless I’m in a chat party however listening to the same music loop gets old. There are countless other games out there that have 100’s of songs to listen too. I don’t stream music over my PS4 and rely on the game to keep my tinnitus at bay.

The paid content on this game has been overpriced since 2015. Yes I know you say that somethings have a $250 value but seriously do they really? $50 for Death Knight Armor that only adds a bit of extra bonus. VIP 20 costs $8000 when it’s all said and done. God’s honest truth I blow far more on Summoners War (SW) than I do on here because I feel the value they offer for what is being given equates to a fair value. Plus for all the money I blow on there I get Google points which just get reinvested back in to the game which is a win win. My suggestion is you hop SW and pull some ideas on how they make fleecing my wallet feel far less painful than your approach.

In line with better upgrades there has been a disconnect with the whole kingdom upgrades using writs, deeds, and now books. In regards with everyone else on the subject its going to take 20 years and I doubt this game will be here in 20 year. Again I’ll point at SW, every scroll is available to be purchased in some manner and a good chunk of them are farmable or available to be purchased with in-game currency. They make farming easier, granted you’ll be farming hours on end for a decent item but the ability to progress there makes GoW look like a snails pace in comparison. Plus when they do get you to purchase some of the more expensive items it’s because they are offering you a chance to buy a random NAT 5. You sell the growth packs that allow a 1 time only purchase which sucks. Granted some things can be made in the Soulforge but even there the timeframe to build a Mythic can take months.

Speaking of the Soulforge it’s nice to build stuff but you don’t ever let anyone tear stuff apart. There are tons of games out there that allow you to construct and deconstruct to better utilize your resources. With that said, deconstructing certain cards should give you the vital components to orbs, books, deeds, writs, hell even a pet bait. If you can build something, there should be away to tear it apart.

I know you guys are hell bent on releasing new cards weekly. Magic the Gathering is now up to 20,000 cards and I can say without a shadow of a doubt thousands of those cards are worthless. Now back it up to GoW where we’re pushing almost 900 cards and the pool is rather diluted. I remember back in 2017 there was around 400 cards and it seemed like it took forever but the reality then was I could ascend cards on a regular basis because the pool was a lot smaller. Now it’s more than doubled. I have cards I started with back in 2016 that still are shy of ascending. WHY? Because you keep adding cards to the pool further diluting chances.

Game stats make things feel more competitive. I have tons of friends playing this game. They are on my friends list but sometimes their names are different from in-game. Still there is no real way to search for a guild name, a players name, past history of players. It would be nice to see where people have been, there total gold contributions, trophy counts, seals from all guilds or stand-alone play. Heck you can’t even search for a guild when you’re trying to join one. You either hit up global or you accept your fate with what the AI shows you.

Lastly, guilds themselves need an overhaul. I hate that I’m limited to 200 plus characters on my announcements. Sometimes we have things we want to spell out but can’t because its super limited. Maybe add a notice that can be clicked on that allows us to actually type out a few paragraphs to help point people in a direction especially new players. If you have a rather active guild chat important guild information can fall off that chat within a day or two. Not that I’m asking but even a forum style system that allows for questions and answers. Back to SW again, there you can setup to two people to be assistant guild leaders that can kick people. They can’t kick the guild leader, but they can kick everyone else. Having help with some of the mundane chores will keep the game from becoming a job. Again stats, when checking out guild position I’m limited to about 15 up or down from my position. A lot of times I want to see how far we are away from the next 50 or 100th place. Handing out gem gifts is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. 1 gem gift at a time, my God I’m surprised I haven’t become unhinged and flown to that Island you call home to have a one on one conversation with you.