My theory, let me know what you think

So let me say this first, I love the game and appreciate the great overall job
This is not a gripe, this is a comment Based on my unbiased opinion and observation over 2+ years playing

I have never spent any real money in this game. I want to but there is literally nothing worth the value, everything should be about 10-20% of what it costs.
And now as they are realizing the profits are running dry, they are putting on the squeeze by lessening gems gained and increasing the need to spend.
My guess, is that the publishers are going from the mentality of the real world.
People need something, and they don’t have a choice to get it elsewhere, so do anything to get more profit.
But in the gaming world, especially one as simplistic as this, content sold is not based on needs, it’s based on value.
The only ones spending anymore are addicts and those who don’t understand the game yet.
Maybe explain to the publishers or whoever is responsible for these changes,
That in the virtual world, value generates profit. There is no cost to make infinite copies of something, so there is nothing beyond greed behind these decisions.
If they want to make money, make your playerbase happy with correct pricing,and they will reward you, I know I would.

In closing, an example, would anyone with a clue spend $50 on a legendary troop and some stones, all of which could be gained it less than an hour and a lucky chest opening
Or would they buy a $50 game with 200 hours of gameplay/ 5-10 cheap games

Please share any thoughts, you too devs, you’re the ones stuck in the middle :wink:


I bought the Queen Mab bundle back in the day when I had very few legendaries and traitstones were hard to come by. That week was the most fun I had in PvP, ever :smiley: Was it “worth” it? Eh, maybe not, objectively speaking, but it was fun, it greatly increased my enjoyment of the game, got me closer to VIP 5 and it really upped my earnings from PvP for a while, so hard to put an objective value on it. I have no regrets.

I wouldn’t do it now, when I have all troops and everything traited, but back then, that one troop was a game changer for me. I expect a lot of newer players still get a lot of value out of troop purchases :slight_smile:

I still think there’s things in the game that are worth the purchase, mostly things you can’t get otherwise. Like the Deathknight armour (been using that one since it came out and it’s paid for itself a few times over in my opinion), or maybe the weekly weapons. I still buy those every now and then, but more as a way to support the game. I also bought the Ring of Wonder a few times, just to help myself keep motivated to farm souls when I needed them for Dawnbringer, lol

I bought things when I needed them because the game was fun. Now, I don’t need anything, but I would buy things if the game wasn’t going in a pay to play/pay to win direction. Instead, I will play for free and offer them no profit, and consistently complain on the forum about the pay to win/play direction of the game.

The new system is targeting new players who have the mind set I had, but anybody who does one Google search will see this as another “one of those pay 2 win mobile games” and move on to the next one.

However, there are enough people that reward this practice with purchases and as such, everybody else suffers for it.

I’ve said this from the start. Most things even at the $4.99 price point seem like a very bad deal. I have never understood why a single troop in this game is valued at the cost of a new Pokemon game.


I’m bumping this up to try one more time
I see constant complaining about gem costs, yet only 3 people have anything to say on here.
Maybe I should change the title to something whiny? Do most people just wanna troll and argue? Or do they wanna actually intelligently make a change
We’ll find out soon enough, but I think I already know the answer…

I used to care alot more about speaking up and giving feedback but anymore they are just stuck on the path they laid out and I really dont think they care anymore about what we think or feel about the game.

It has been three years and all the prices are the same but all of the content has changed.

I think the only real good deal as a endgamer is the ring of wonder and that is all I would buy.

The gem prices are ridiculous and if we looked at motherlode for $99.99 for me vip 6 I get 1950 gems. So with that value first place winners of guild wars make 65 dollars or more each Time they win.

That being said I bet they would rather get rid of guild wars now because of its gems output and just give us another gem sink instead.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: that never happens or I’m out. This game just demands more and more time with each update.

As a guild leader that puts more work on me. Work that I could live without. So all in all I’m not sure what 3.6 will bring but I’m always weary with every update.

Bring back the fun please.


There is no reason to give feedback…they dont listen…and when they do…its a year later.


Only thing i would buy is gems and i will never do it at this price.

100$ for 2500 gems? No thanks, you will need to triple or quadruple the amount of gems before i even start to think to buy it.

Also when they do a “gem sale” they need to drop the price and not give more gem %

Every 505 game doing this and they do it every weekend but not GOW and im pretty sure the other game make more $

Edit: and if i ever run out of gems it will be time for me to play something else.


That’s all I want to see
Is to see whether way more people will buy if they make changes.
And if that’s the case, maybe the devs will read, then pass it along to those who actually make the decision.
If they wanna make profit, it’s better to get 10000 people spending $5, than 5 spending $50? especially when it costs nothing to reproduce.
Gotta speak in numbers so these morons at the top understand, otherwise I guarantee as of now they’re just telling the devs “make them spend more, our numbers aren’t good enough”
They prob have no idea about this game or any others, just greedy fools

Definitely want to support the game but there aren’t enough $5-$10 choices that seem reasonable.

Never spend in two years wow i got a discount here n there gotta spend some doh on it right?Vip helpen met a bit but i get what u mean proces are kinda outrageous and the discount they always show are kinda lame lol

Since the beginning, it was always about weighing the value of what their store item(s) offered versus what I could get for the same price with a new game or with that game’s add-ons/ items/ currency. It still is and more so than ever because this game has become more of a cash grab. Yesterday’s was a fine example: new hero class released and required to use for the hero class event on the self-same day. I didn’t bother to go on that frenzy with unlocking that class and then participating in the limited time mode. Hell no.

Doesn’t seem like players were bothered by this. I suppose the gaming company made a bundle, a profit here because there are people who will spend to be at the top of the leaderboards. So, clearly, they will be motivated to release more hero classes for each of the kingdoms that do not have one.

If the devs really cared with a passion for this game like they did once upon a time, they would have handled this in a much classier way. In fact, they should let people use whichever hero class they want with that game mode just like they can use their own troops with the pet rescue. Not hard. But if they insist it must be with a particular class, then use what has been available all along for the game mode. Don’t pull a fast one, ever. Any new classes should come much later. Duh

Good thing I didn’t spend any more money on this game. Been glad spending it elsewhere. I’d like to buy; I’d like to believe in them again. But nah, they’ve made their intentions clear and I don’t recommend this game to any one I know. I use to. But not any more , 'cause for the same value they are better off buying some other game/ item(s)/ add-on(s) that doesn’t insult their intelligence by hooking them to grind more until they buy a gem pack or two, or three, or four, etc. every week, especially if they want to be in the top 100! lmao


I’m over the other belief.

I do buy mostly keys, gems, and the occasional pack. I do it for various reasons

1: I like this game -free to us but someone has to build it (and I have been on a dev team for games)
2: It gives me discounts and added bonuses (VIP 8 - everything starts at level 10)
3: GRINDING SUCKS (and I have better things to do with my hours)

As for the additional craziness of adding all these additional mini-games - I don’t like it doesn’t make as many seals and now takes me longer and harder to get seals. I wish they would -update- the Seals chart.


Im vip 5 on 1 account and 4 on another. They wouldnt even transfer my vip points to my other when i can no longer play the one account.

Thats when i stopped giving them money. They arent very smart business people.

We have done our best to make a game where players have the option to purchase items if they so wish, but don’t have too. This is why the core game play mechanics aren’t energy gated and never will be.

In regards to their being more 5-10 dollar packs available, I will pass this feedback on. I can’t promise anything will come of it, but I will bring it up with our team and publisher.

Ask publisher to drop gem price! 3/4 of the game need gems to go further in the event

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We have done our best to make a game where players have the option to purchase items if they so wish,
but don’t have too. This is why the core game play mechanics aren’t energy gated and never will be

First thing I would like to say, is that this is not directed at you, or any of the devs, but this statement is something that bothers me greatly. I am not blaming your team as I have come to the conclusion that comments such as these are probably crafted to save face by your other business partners.

The problem with this statement is that with raids and invasions, a guild has to do them or they forgo the orbs, which eventually lets them unlock zuul or the other uses, thus having a valuable resource that is a gamble in themselves to obtain. Aside from the orbs, the troops are only useful in these events, and that assumes they are useful to begin with. The random troop pulls are ok, depending on the kingdom or type, but not too effective in getting good troops which is not too bad if someone is missing lower rarity troops. Ingots are a move in making the shop tiers more worth it, but I feel it is a band aid compared to a real fix.

Raids in particular is boring and time consuming but yields far less rewards. 55 gems, 30 diamonds and a few event keys are pretty abysmal. The orbs are the only thing worth it unless you get a growth orb. The issue I have is that for guilds that can regularly complete the various tiers, the lesser items are basically useless. If someone DID need the souls and gold, there are better options that are quicker, less difficult, and way more fun. The battle system needs to be changed as it is unfair at higher levels but the rewards I feel realistically are not helpful enough for those that can complete them, and are a bit too difficult for those that could really use it.

Bounties and class events are the only current game modes with energy systems/shop tiers that don’t impact the core gameplay experience. They are solo and not doing them doesn’t hurt your guild. If one opts out, they don’t lose anything. What they do show is a desire to get up on the leaderboard for the coveted orbs as the ascension orbs are that vital to crafting zuul or ascending the hard to obtain troops.

Making various events that impact stats, guild interaction, and player’s collections IS affecting the core gameplay aspect and where with the sole exceptions of gnomes, every single addition has been in some way affected by these energy gated game modes. This recent series of actions is a shift from the core values described many times in years past. If every single thing obtained from these new energy based game modes was cosmetic, or the rewards were easier to obtain with other methods. then this claim would hold water. I may not have to swipe my credit card to play pvp or rent a boat for a day to do explore, but telling me these games modes which revolved around energy systems have not become a core element of the game is not right. You are basically spitting in my face and telling me its moisturizer. I remember when it was said that there would be no energy systems period but that has changed and when classes have become more vital but the fee remains, it went from a “we left it in as a disincentive to constantly change classes” to a “we left it in as changing it is too hard”. When older game features are utilized to be abused in a similar fashion as these gated events, well that IS reason to be suspicious about future changes to other core game elements.

Once again, I am not blaming you or anyone on your team in particular, but I highly dislike this statement used as a blanket statement as it feels extremely dishonest to me. Perhaps in coming updates, huge updates and fixes are coming but as of this current update, this statement seems further from the truth.


I hope you get paid enough to actually believe that, I really, really do.

Hiding new troops (boss killers, bounty troops) behind gem walls and energy systems, certainly impacts on the core gameplay of collecting troops to level Kingdoms.

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Thanks all for the input and thanks for replying salty.
As I said in the beginning, it doesn’t affect me personally, I’m VIP 0 and I have one of the highest completion % in PS4, and more resources than I’ll ever spend
I’m just trying to help benefit all, both players and those who make money off the game.
I feel a little guilty not spending at all, but my guilt will not cause me to spend on something I see as way overpriced.
Hopefully I will be able to throw u some cash someday, I love your game and every event on it.

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