Upgrade your servers

U made enough money


One day we’ll be able to buy a Server Pass for only 4.99 per two weeks, don’t worry!


Amazon Web Services hosts their servers. So I don’t think think their servers are an issue. Maybe how much bandwidth/CPU time they pay for perhaps.

Or just write more efficient code :man_shrugging:

What a painful pile of garbage

Whatever the reason is the lagging has been really bad on PlayStation for about 6 hours now. Satisfaction with this game is at an all time low right now

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I managed a full two battles in fifteen minutes and I was excited to get home from work to play the new kingdom, then I saw the troops that are paywalled and thought do I really want to play this game anyway? The answer is categorically no, sadly after five years you’ve finally broken me. I’ll finish gw for our guild then it is game deleted.


Seriously, this is very bad. It’s like playing a game on dial up. The more time gated content is released, the worse these problems are going to be. I thought the vault weekends were bad, but those pale in comparison to the issues today.

That’s the way these scums making money on us, without investing anything.

I have been playing all day, 6 hours, and I haven’t had a single problem playing the game. Haven’t had problems in any battles, I opened 17k gold chests, not a problem. From my guild stats, I’ve done 90 battles. None of them have been sluggish, no crashes, no waiting for battles to load.

Maybe… it’s just you?

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You must be in the same building as the devs.

That doesn’t make any sense at all… how would they be making money off you, without investing? They’re paying for servers on Amazon Web Services to host their game, and it’s run by 505 games which has a LOT of games under their belt. The problem for you is likely between you and the server.

Not that I think you should stay of you’re ready to go, but the Tarot is really the only paywalled troop.

All the others you’ll get within a year if you regularly chase mythics. I’m thinking it’s about the same wait time as anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with Campaign mythics, epics, etc… :man_shrugging:

I’d feel differently if the troops were must-haves, but at this point it’s just a temporary bit of inconsequential kingdom power deficit.

(Book of deeds and imperials flooding the paid space is cause for concern if it snowballs enough, of course)

You’re definitely in the same building with devs. Hah. You must be not so keen in reading as for the whole day there is an icon “degraded servers performance” and it has been reported from different point of the world so yes, its between me and the server. Good guess, sherlock

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Sometimes closing the game completely and restarting can switch you to a better server, try that a few times.

They’re not paywalled per se, just time gated. Don’t let that ruin the fun as these troops are just more “meh” content that you don’t really need.

So far I’d say Shayle is currently the best thing you can get from Nexus, and you’ll get her for free and ascended cheaply.

The portal is also good but a little more unpredictable. You can get it from event keys.

Since I’ve started, I’ve had to wait for so many troops for so long that have been available but that I couldn’t get (lack of keys or diamonds or orbs), I’m used to it I guess. And those troops were better ones to have.

I haven’t seen that icon ONCE today. I’ve seen it plenty of times, just not today. Sorry but I’ve had no trouble playing.

The game has multiple servers. At the very least separate between platforms. It’s not unheard of for the game to be running fine on PC/mobile but Xbox or Playstation are having a completely different experience.

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