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[updated] Snazzy new Discord bot AND Switch!

now also available for Nintendo Switch users, please follow the invite link to get it on your Discord server. The default prefix for the Switch bot will be #, so best start off with #help.

Cheers, Gary.

Dear beautiful people of GoW & Discord!

After a intense week of hard work, I am proud to announce the first version of my new bot and connected website www.garyatrics.com.

Current set of features:

  • look up team codes, supporting the team codes being anywhere in your text message (no extra lines required)
  • search for pets, classes, weapons, troops, kingdoms, classes, and talents. the search terms can be partial. proper result lists are given for multiple results. all searches can be done localized in any GoW game languages
  • subscribe to the gemsofwar.com news feed.

In a nutshell: This is a replacement for Taran’s bot, who announced to discontinue his services by 2020-07-26.

Feel free to:

Cheers, Gary



You don’t explain what your bot does

it expands team codes (see above picture), you can search for troops, weapons, pets, classes, etc.

in a nutshell: it’s a replacement for Tarans bot

Ok thanks. Will look into it.

thx !!! (10 characters)

Thanks for your work and efforts! Much appreciated!!!

Thank you for working on this.