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Gary/Hawx Appreciation Thread

@gary_dils and @Hawx have been making incredibly helpful tools including THE Gems of War Discord bot and countless WE guides for ages now. I just wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you from myself and so many members of the community! Your tools make my GoW experience so much better and worry-free. Our guild family loves having the WE guides and other graphics sent straight to our server every week, and we use the bot religiously. Thank you both so much for taking the time every week to help so many of us!

Please show some love for these two and let them know how they’ve helped you and your guild!


Thank you so much :hugs: This really is such a lovely surprise to see. Honestly, helping the community and creating the guides, working with Gary is my absolute favourite part of Gems. We all know how frustrating the game can be sometimes but sitting down with Gary and working out how we can make things better for the community or more inclusive for all the languages really does keep my feet planted firmly under the Gems of War table.

I’ve met some amazing people here and learnt so much and I hope to be here in years to come still making ‘Gawx’ guides (see what we did there with the Gary+Hawx :joy:)

So thank you again for such a lovely message and thank you to Gary for putting up with my crazy ideas :heart:


omg thank you so much :blush: :hugs:

It’s a great pleasure being part of such an wonderful community, and being able to provide insights and value to it. Hawx has been my muse for quite a while now, and I promise we will keep delivering cool and crazy stuff together :wink:

Thanks and cheers, Gary :slight_smile:


Seconded. Appreciate every developer who has published a tool to make things easier for us in GoW. The experience is surely not the same without these tools. I wish to name them all here, but I think they’re all listed in the GoW Alliance discord server. Here is a link to anyone who doesn’t know about the server: GoW Alliance


Oui un GRAND bravo à vous deux . Beaucoup de choses sont bien plus rapides et claires grâce au travail que vous fournissez pour la communauté . / Yes a BIG bravo to both of you . A lot of things are much faster and clearer thanks to the work you provide for the community . A BIG thank you .


Thank you very much for everything you do for our community! @gary_dils @Hawx :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Completely agree, and a well timed post given that it’s apparently Community Appreciation Week! These guys selflessly work to put info together and then release it for everyone to benefit from. If they aren’t exemplary community members I don’t know who is!


Dang, the OP has 31 likes! That’s a lot of appreciation! :eyes:



(Don’t actually shut up, though :stuck_out_tongue:)


Not only are @Hawx’s and @gary_dils’s tools awesome, but both of them are genuine amazing people who are so nice. Thank you both for everything!

If you find a new game tempting you away, resist the urge. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im on new medication so not doing too good nowadays. This question might have been answered already, but I ask again. I might have asked it before. Just feel so disoriented. First I want to thank Gary/Hawx. And thank everyone for the good community we have. I myself try to look at the positives. I had a pure joy this weekend with the band gnomes event.

I was wondering, the band gnomes will stay in the vault as a possible reward from vault keys permanently?



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Thanks, will wait until they release the moon as a reward before I try my luck.

I don’t know if I would play as much without the time their hard work saves me.


Thank you both for all you do and all your insight that makes this addictive game that much more fun to play. I’m sure I can speak for most of the community when I say that you and your efforts are truly appreciated. Have a splendid Gary and Hawx day!!


50 likes! The Good Day Genie is now obligated to give @Hawx and @gary_dils a wonderful day! >:D


Myself and Gary were just talking about how genuinely thoughtful this post is (and a refreshing change from the usual tone on the forum). Thank you all for sharing your support and kind words. Sending some good luck glitter to you all :hugs:


Sometimes even when everyone and their grandmother quietly appreciates you, it’s good to hear it out loud :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Uncle Rambo wants to thank you two, too. I already did in an earlier post myself. :bowing_man: :clap:


This is currently the 6th most-liked post of the past YEAR, and still increasing rapidly. That goes to show just how many of us use the wonderful tools provided to us!