GoW Discord bot for PC AND Switch! [Update:2021-08-16]

//Update 2021-03-15 added all the features that the bot gained since I started.

Dear beautiful people of GoW & Discord!

After a intense week of hard work, I am proud to announce the first version of my new bot and connected website


  • Team code expansion: Just post your team codes, e.g. [1075,6251,6699,6007,3010,3,1,1,1,3,1,1,14007] . The bot will automatically answer with the troops posted in the code. The code can be embedded within more text, and does not need to stand alone. Any team code can have a - added before it for shorter, or + for longer output.

Search for in game items

Search Rules

  • Search both works for ids and parts of their names.
  • Search is case insensitive.
  • Spaces, apostrophes (’) and dashes (-) will be ignored.
  • Multiple results will show a list of matched troops.
  • If one matching item is found, the side color will reflect the troop’s base rarity.

Search Commands

  • Troops: !troop search, e.g. !troop elemaugrim.
  • Troop & Class traits: !trait <search>, e.g. !trait impervious.
  • Traitstones: !traitstone <search>, e.g. !traitstone shield.
  • Weapons: !weapon <search>, e.g. !weapon mang.
  • Weapon affixes: !affix <search>, e.g. !affix dust.
  • Pets: !pet <search>, e.g. !pet puddling.
  • Classes: !class <search>, e.g. !class archer.
  • Class talents: !talent <search>, e.g. !talent mana source.
  • Kingdoms & factions: !kingdom <search>, e.g. !kingdom karakoth.
  • Traitstones: !traitstone <search>, e.g. !traitstone shield.

Current Week / Day

• Current week’s event details: !current_event .
• Current Adventure Board: !adventures .
• Current Active Heroic / Event Gems: !active_gems .
• Weekly campaign overview: !campaign . Can be filtered with bronze , silver , or gold : !campaign silver .
• Craftable Soulforge items: !soulforge

General game overviews

• Spoilers: !spoilers . Can be filtered down with the following parameters: pets , troops , weapons , kingdoms , events : !spoilers weapons
• Events: !events . Can be used with a filter, e.g. !events faction . Can also be used to only show event kingdoms: !event kingdoms .
• Class XP requirements: !class_level <target level> , e.g. !class_level 70 . Can be used with a lower level to show the difference, e.g. !class_level 70-100
• Possible campaign re-roll tasks: !reroll_tasks .
• Class overview: !class summary
• Kingdom overview: !kingdom summary
• Player level benefits: !levels
• Kingdoms by troop colors: !color_kingdoms
• Kingdoms by troop types: !troop_type_kingdoms
• Chest drop rates !drop_rates
• Effects !effects
• Possible Storms: !storms .
• All Warbands: !warbands .

Tower of Doom

Please consult !towerhelp.

Pet Rescue

  • When encountering a pet rescue mission in-game, you can alert all your fellow guild mates with !pet rescue <pet> [<time>] [<mention>]. <pet> needs to be either the name or the id of the pet, <time> is the remaining time in minutes (default 59), followed by either nothing, “min”, or “mins”, and <mention> is the group that will be alerted (default @everyone).
  • Default settings can be checked with !pet rescue config.
  • This command can be shortened up by using !pr ... instead of !pet rescue.
  • Server administrators can alter the default mention, as well as the deletion behaviour with !pet rescue config <setting>=<value>.

Team Bookmarks

  • Show own bookmarks: !bookmarks.
  • Display a certain bookmark: !bookmark <bookmark id>.
  • Create a new bookmark: !bookmark <description> <team code>. A new random bookmark id will be created.
  • Delete a bookmark: !bookmark delete <bookmark id>.


  • Show own toplists: !toplists
  • Create a new toplist: !toplist <description> <troops>. Troops are comma separated list of names or troop ids. A new toplist id will be created.
  • Append more troops to an existing toplist: !toplist append <id> <troops>
  • Change a toplist: !toplist update <toplist id> <description> <troops>
  • Delete a toplist: !toplist delete <toplist id>.

Bot Specific Commands

• Check the bot’s permissions within a channel: !permissions
• Display bot version, runtime, uptime, invite code, and more: !about
• Get a random motivation waffles: !waffles
• Get a random motivation burgers: !burgers
• Short help: enter !quickhelp to open a short overview of all commands.

All bot functionality returns in one of the game’s language (en, fr, de, ru, it, es, zh). A default language can be set for the whole server via !lang.

Feel free to:

  • invite with limited rights if you want the bot to be active in just a few channels: invite link
  • invite with all rights if you want the bot to quickly join every channels: invite link
  • also available for Nintendo Switch users, please follow the Switch invite link to get it on your Discord server. The default prefix for the Switch bot will be #, so best start off with #help (Note: Soulforge command is not available for Switch).
  • join my discord server for support, feature updates & votings Garyatrics
  • visit the bot’s (still pretty empty) website:

Cheers, Gary



You don’t explain what your bot does

it expands team codes (see above picture), you can search for troops, weapons, pets, classes, etc.

in a nutshell: it’s a replacement for Tarans bot

Ok thanks. Will look into it.

thx !!! (10 characters)

Thanks for your work and efforts! Much appreciated!!!

Thank you for working on this.

updated the topic with newest content

Hey all, my bot celebrates its 1st anniversary today :slight_smile:
Jump over to my Discord server for a Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session in a freshly created channel for that :wink:

Cheers, Gary.


Updated the topic with everything available today :slight_smile:

About those waffles… We were wondering if most of the pictures are from the same street? If so, was it you who bought them all, or are the bananas just rearranged for each pic?

Yes, those waffles were mostly from the same location. Each of them is a unique new waffle, bought and eaten by me.

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That’s a lot of waffles. Now they work as a gw reminder to one of our guildies named Woofles, every morning we do that when war is on :grin:

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