I like playing GoW with scripts

Hey there!

Please don’t react hateful to this post, I know that I’m doing something which is not allowed.
I started playing Gems of War a little less than two months ago. I’m kind of new to creating simple bots to get them to perform simple tasks. I made a script which blindly matches gems without looking at the colors of the gems. So it would just start in the top/left corner and then click on it, go to the one to the left, repeat that and do the same for each row (horizontally) and afterwards for each column. It took about 40 seconds for it to complete a whole cycle. It would also check the colors of my four spells to see if they are ready to cast.

I used this on my account “Fluiytest” to complete the Questlines on each kingdom and afterwards I used it in Explorer to get traitstones and gold. In just over 30 days my account “Fluiytest” had all it’s kingdoms on level 10 and a decent amount of power levels on 5. I was sitting on level 1000ish. At that point I got banned. I guess because of my fast progression.

I get that I have an unfair advantage on people who don’t use such scripts because I could literally get gold, souls and traitstones while sleeping and I did so. I made sure to turn the script on before I went to bed and also most of the time during the day when I couldn’t play myself. Note that I would do PvP manually, as well as delves, events and everything else that isn’t quests or explorer.

The thing is, I really like this game. I donated a lot of gold to my casual guild, helped a lot of people out when they had questions about the game and goofed around a bit in global chat.

When I got banned on my level 1000 account I thought: “Well, I kind of did overdo it. I was at a point at which I could actually enjoy every aspect of the game without using a script.”. So I made another account (Sargon), on which I started scripting again (this time only a few hours per day). I was planning on getting my kingdom levels to 10 and then go at it without scripting, because I know I would be able to enjoy the game when I’m not at that tedious beginners-stage anymore. Even on Fluiytest, I did actually play about three hours a day without scripting and I could see that becoming more if I don’t use scripts.

I know that I’m in the wrong, but I do not negatively affect others with my usage of scripts. Maybe it’s unfair because I get to enjoy the game more due to having an easier time getting gold and traitstones, but the increase of my joy does not have a negative effect on the ability for others to enjoy the game.

Is there any way in which the EULA could be modified in the future to allow for automation of the tedious aspects of the game in the early-game?

…lmao…that is all


I assume you are jesting? This is cheating, clear as day.

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You should try LoA 3, or the 4 if it came out, tried it on lappy you only got to press a button every then and now but am pretty sure there’s settings to avoid that too, so you only got to let it run and donate money, great game indeed.

Beside, if i got it right you got banned on 1 account but still got another where you’re cheating and not banned still, grats to whoever made the antihack/bot detection system of this game.

Pretty sure every guild would like do that and do 824254625 lt a week.

So regarding your last question, i strongly doubt it ever happen, but is GoW and you never know.

Isn’t that a bit like telling someone who is asking for legalization of cannabis: “But it’s illegal.”?

Do you have a script for Treasure Hunt? I’d like to see one.

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No, I’m still not that great at it. A Treasure Hunt script must be rather complicated. My scripts are dumber than I am when I just wake up and haven’t had my coffee.

Don’t you plan to add some neural networking with self-learning abilities? Then your scripts won’t be so dumb after some time.

I actually spent my whole saturday afternoon doing that, it was now able to recognize gem colors and their permutations. But indeed, something like the things used by Tesla’s Open AI group would crush it hard.

No, I got banned on my second account around level 200. I guess that they were keeping a close eye on my IP, so they’re doing a pretty decent job.

Meh, I enjoyed making teams in GoW and I really liked the events and delves for which I didn’t script. That for me was the whole game. But no, I’d rather not spam explorer 1000 times, because that actually is braindead activity.

You’re kidding, right? It isn’t allowed. Get used to it.

Either you like the game enough to persist the same way everyone else has, or you don’t.


Oh yeah, defo events arent braindead activity in gow, let’s check that week one for example, fill event troop, shoot shoot shoot shoot, repeat aslong you wanna waste gems on it.

95% of GoW is braindead activity lol, it’s called grinding, i would aswell like NOT do some pain in the ass missions on Warframe over and over to get some craps but guess what? i can either do it o gtfo.

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There’s better games out there for automated bitters. Like idle heroes and such.
So yea, wrong game and wrong attitude.

Still, no one responded to this line of thought. And if some degree of scripting would be allowed, everyone would get to enjoy that. Most people still would not use them, even if there would be a subforum about scripts. People could actually learn a thing or two by legalizing scripts. A good example of this is the old browser game https://www.tribalwars.net/ in which the community could upload scripts and they would be reviewed by the mods. I don’t think that GoW would lose income by legalization of scripts, because whales are gonna whale and casual players with too much money will always be spending.

But yeah, you’re probably right. They are not going to change the EULA, so i’ll just show myself out. It’s a shame though, really liked the concept of this game.

When you play using cheating tools,the word “play” losses it’s meaning

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But if you actually liked the game you wouldn’t do the same thing again when you already got banned. You would just play it as us, other 99% of the player base. Who were also annoyed by repetitive tasks in early game, but got trough it without scripts.


Good point. I was thinking on doing that now, but I feel like that if I were to legitimately play on a third account and would sink 5+ hours a day on it, I will still get banned because of the credibility I lost :frowning:

Edit: Seeing as their reason for banning me the second time was probably my IP + my fast progression (which would have been doable for someone who played about 5 hours a day)

They do allow second (or third?) chance. If you dont cheat again you should be fine

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This absolutely has a negative effect on others…


lol it says even worse things for the “Git gud n00b this is a strategy game” people that a bot only randomly making swaps gets to level 1000 in 30 days.

If it was playing 24/7 and we demote that back down to 8 hours/day, that’s 3 months which feels like the average player pace.