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GoW Team Share: Crowd-Sourced Teams filtered by what you own (after a little homework)

Hello Gems Community…

I have made a little tool that i hope can help a lot of folks:

GoW Team Share

It’s a big ugly spreadsheet! It almost comes with a manual! It’s…incredibly simple…

Use ElDuderino’s plugin to copy and paste your troops and weapons from GoWDB into a personal copy of this spreadsheet with just a few clicks. (Doesn’t require the plugin, but will take more clicks without it.) Filter the crowdsourced teams to show only those you can make. Then filter those by teams that work for Blue+Brown delves, or Green guild war teams, or goblin teams for Zaejin week, or teams that use The Possessed King because you are happy to have pulled a new mythic

I have done my best to write clear instructions that would allow even novice spreadsheeters to navigate the steps and use the tool, i have also included tldr instructions for advanced users. If something is unclear, or, heaven forbid, wrong, leave a comment in the comms sheet, or on the cell itself, and i will fix it as soon as i can.

I submitted this to the Reddit Gems of War community a couple days ago. It has had some testing with positive results, and now i’m ready to give it a wider release. While it “seems to work as advertised,” for it to continue to work, i need your help. The site currently only has 100 teams or so, which is enough to see that it works, and how, but to take off it is going to need a solid teams list. Use the submissions page to add teams, and i will get them copied to the main page. (Only the submissions and Comms pages are editable to reduce vandalism.) If a team was or is useful to you, add it to the list! Like any wiki, it will need to get to that critical mass of submissions in order to keep snowballing.

Feel free to reply with any questions or suggestions, or add them to the Comms sheet on the site. I’ll try to respond soon. Thank you!


Longer reply on Reddit, reposting troop list export info here for visibility:

I added “Copy troop list to clipboard” functionality to the (also GowDB-based) GoW Task Analyzer as a simpler way to export your collection data. Open the analyzer (make sure you have version 1.72+) and look for the link at the bottom of the table.
EDIT: If the copying didn’t work for you, it should now, from version 1.72 onwards. Sorry about that.

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Removed my post in error (i should have edited it - it’s an age thing!) - the Reddit link was in the original post after I reread it. Thanks.

TPerson: Quite a task you have set yourself there and I commend you for your efforts for the community.

ElDuderino’s Task Analyzer is a marvel, and something i would absolutely recommend to anyone even if he hadn’t gone out and integrated functionality specifically to help my tool without my having to say a word. I can only hope that after you see the beauty, power, and majesty of GoW Task Analyzer, that my Team Share page doesn’t make you nauseous.

Thank you, ElDuderino!