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Share your gems of war teams v1.0.9

Share your team v1.0.9

Want to share your team with the community…
You want advice from other players …

Share and help you ! Sharing it’s life

Version 1.0.9
Describe the composition of your team in order ( names and weapons for the hero )
Which banner (color) is applied to your composition
Which team bonus is applied to your composition
Which traits bonus is applied to your composition
Which class of Hero is applied to your compostion

Attention !
Changes to the Creatures are made by the GOW team to stabilize the game , hold inform you from « Balance Changes » on the site: http://gemsofwar.com/

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##Your team is perfect or not… it gives you pleasure… share your teams with the community :heart_eyes:

if I forget some thing or made ​​a mistake, send me a pm

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New post, because the former is a little long
You can find the old post for v 1.0.8 and before:

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I currently use the easiestly obtainable combo I found (pretty much a no-brainer synergy-wise):

Ettin *** 20 (Empowered, Jinx)
18 attack, 16 armor, 53 life
Stone Giant *** 20 (Giant bond for +2 life on everyone, Stone Skin to block)
21 attack, 24 armor, 52 life
Gob-Chomper *** 20 (Empowered, double skull dmg to marauders)
24 attack, 19 armor, 52 life
Hero Warlord 20 (no trait) Giant perk - Burning Scythe red/purple
20 attack, 28 armor, 46 life

Since all troops are Broken Spire, you get +6 life, +2 attack. Every troop a giant gives another +4 life, +2 attack, so a total team bonus of +10 life, +4 attack.

Ettin and Gob-Chomper start with full mana. If the enemy has a goblin team, cast Gob-Chomper first and - fingers crossed - devour an enemy. If they use a monster (usually Behemoth or Giant Bat) cast it on them for 18x2 = 36 dmg. Otherwise use the Ettin first to increase its attack to 32+. Ettin easily gets up to 60+ attack before he dies.

Stone Giant is on second position to block some dmg when the Ettin is down.

Works pretty well on offense, has about 50% wins on defense.

EDIT: All giant also have “big” to heal a tiny bit =P


Any Blue Yellow Red Banner

Knight Coronet
Griffon Knight / Soothsayer
Prismatic Orb (Knight) / Prismatic Orb (Sorc)

Any Blue Yellow Red Banner

Knight Coronet
Prismatic Orb (Armor buff to Rowanne -> 50 - 100+ Splitdmg)

Green Banner

Goblin Sham / Valkyrie

Brown Pants… Uhm… Banner

Crimson Bat


currently im finding this setup working best, if u cannot level everything out… at least I’ve won more then lost fairly simple. atleast for me.

luther lvl 18 first trait (luther gives +10 attack all allies, and is nice tank)
valk’ lvl 18 fully traited (gotta get them souls)
hero lvl 20 necromancer, weapon burning sythe(for me currently does 16 or 17 damage a person)
green slime lvl 18 no traits (currently the best solution at the moment, gladly take suggestions)

But yeah valk pumps luther and green slime, green slime pumps hero,

fyi i have like 300 of some runes and like none of others go figure, lol

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Currently, I’m using

Yellow / Blue banner
Infernal King

It’s quite effective : Mercy can cure any ailments, Infernal King takes care of any barrier before unleaching a skull army to kill ennemies one by one. It’s not optimized though as it is made to make Valkyrie fit in (for souls).
I think it would be better like this :

Yellow Banner
Green Seer
Infernal Kind

I also have another deck I find very powerfull and that uses my current class (priest), but I had trouble making an as effective Valkyrie version :

Green Yellow Banner
Green Seer
Hero - Yasmine Chalice - Priest (2nd perk : magic + 2)

With Rowanne latest “balance change”, she does twice her armor as split damages, I can easily bump her armor to 100 while letting very few turns to my ennemy, she can take care of the whole ennemy team in 2 spells, no problem.

Also, I’m preparing another team but I will need to change class and have the traitstones :
Double purple banner
Hero - Crescendo - preferably sorcerer class fully traited
Shadow Dragon

Lots of fun, very effective, but it’s a pain in the ass to play against a frozen user !

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I call it Sooth, Slime, Scythe, & Shadow

Green and Purple Banner

Green Slime***
Hero Sorcerer Class * (Magic Link) Burning Scythe
Shadow Dragon* (Magic Link)

Quickest team I’ve found thus far. Synergy is nice and my matches are 3 mins. Excluding Celestasia matches.

I used Infernal King in Shadow Dragon slot, but he is High Risk/HIgh Reward. Shadow Dragon is the better option.


My current Soul Farmer team of choice early in 1.09 consists of:

Sorcerer* (+2 Magic) Burning Scythe
Giant Spider**
Keeper of Souls*

Progress Banner (R/Y), No team bonus

Giant Spider is the new Green Slime now that you can directly chose the transformation like Valk. Two Magic Links means that one good Swarm fills up both Scythe and Kos scary fast. If the first slot hero should happen to fall, Valk feeding Spider ensures a steady supply of Spider Swarm meat shields. Even though their attack is low a constant Valk/Spider/Kos transform chain provides a steady supply of dmg. Been loving this one so far!

Since I had some Arcane Swamp and Mountain stones not used in previous events (just had a feeling) I used them to trait Gorgotha and Webspinner. Decided to try an all-Daemon lineup:

Sorcerer* (Daemon perk) Burning Scythe

Abyss Banner (2P/1R/-1Y)
+2 life, +2 attack, +1 magic bonuses

Last spot is still flexible, Moloch might be a good fit too, just have to change the banner. Which ever one gets a full set of traits first wins I guess :wink: been using it as a bit of a fun theme deck but it should be really effective.

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Hero (Archer / magic +2, no traits yet) / Yasmine’s Chalice
Alchemist **
Valkyrie ***
Proud Banner (+2 red)

Probably works even better with a priest class up front or either of them traited.

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For the soul farmers out there:

Hero (Sun&Moon)

Banner is Whitehelm for +2 yellow. Hero class is Priest for 3x Divine bonus and 2x Whitehelm bonus.

With all of the magic buffs, Hero is starting out with around 15 damage to all enemies, and boosts it’s own magic. Since most enemies have under 75 life/armor, it usually takes less than 6 casts between Behemoth and Hero to wipe them all out.

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Main Train-Wreck team I’m using is

-Hero (sorcerer) sun&moon
-Brian the Lucky

Banner is Black/Yellow for obvious reasons

Currently working on legendary traits …

Sun&Moon hits for 17dmg each and with a lucky buff from Brian goes 26-27 dmg to each opponent
Fast clearance and effective against full mythic teams aswell as fast pesky goblin teams.


+2 armor / +2 life on all?
I think I would rather have a +2 magic ^^

Anyway, I’m posting again because I wanted to try the new black beast !
Try this funny little deck :
Full Green Banner
Black Beast
Giant Spider
Green Seer

Green Seer charges in 2 - 3 turns (depending on mana surge and wether or not you have Magic Link on Giant Spider). Green Seer charges the black beast quite fast, and maybe even Giant Spider.
Don’t use Black beast yet, use Giant Spider to refill Green Seer and maybe even Venoxia. Green Seer will probably refill Giant Spider entirely and finish filling Venoxia.
Venoxia will get a lot of attack using her spell and her traits. She will also poison everyone quickly if you have her legendary trait. Meanwhile, she is refilling Giant Spider easily and maintaining a combo.
When you fill like your Black Beast is in danger of dying, devour Venoxia ! Your Black Beast is now really strong and will probably just one shot anyone. Black Spider will summon a Spider Swarm on Venoxia’s spot next time you fire it’s spell, this is perfect food for your Black Beast. Enjoy !


Thank you, finally a Black Beast team that is looking bright! :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, I just had a fight against a ranger that OSed my Black Beast (with it’s last trait) on his very first skull match !
The fight was so long that my game ended up crashing before I could finish the fight !

The guy’s line up was :
Ranger (all traits) - bull roar
Celestasia (all traits)
Succubus (1st trait)
Goblin King (all traits)

I was down to the Goblin King (136 HP) and was gonna win easily, but the fight was soooooo long and Succubus could have had me on a decisive Death Mark, but Venoxia’s shiny 90 attack made it target her over my Giant Spider (who had a bit over 150 HP at the time). This could have killed the combo and be the end of me !
But the bottom line is that I guess the strength of this deck doesn’t lay in the Black Beast, but on the powerfull Giant SPider / Green Seer combo that can go on and on and on for a looooong time. So its counter is Frozen / Death Mark

Screen shot of the battle (application not responding).

Longest (and most pointless) battle of my life. I’m a bit sad the game crashed :frowning:
This happens to me way too often (on Steam / W10 / 3y old laptop) is it only me? :frowning:



Sorc Hero w/ Scythe
(Flex spot) Frost Giant

BURN EVERYTHING! It’s seriously fun, and Iv’e gotten about a 60-70% win rate with it.
You can also have webspinner in the bottom for poison instead of freeze.

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My general attack team now (lvl320, opps 200-1000)

Sorcerer* Burning scythe

Very fast mana gathering and full of decisions :slight_smile: what to target with celestasia.

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Sorry for that long fight :wink:

For most combats I use.


My hero’smagoic is enough to deal 17 per.

BoneDragon is still effective against Goblin and Celestrasia teams.

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With new class in this v1.0.9, I try this


Gorgotha ( Fireproof, Daemonic Pact, Granite Skin)

Moloch (Fireproff, Fire Link, Suppression)

Webspinner (Daemon Bond, Sturdy, Lethal Toxin)

+ Hero - Class Sorcerer (perks: possession - traits: Magic Link, Inscribed, Dark Channel) + Crescendo



|30x I prefer this one, but as you like :slight_smile:

Enjoy :wink:


Heh I’m running one very similar, I call it ‘Matt Daemon’ :wink:

Sorcerer* Daemon perk, Burning Scythe
Abyss Banner (2P/1R/-1Y)

I would replace Abho once I obtain enough Runic Winds to fully trait Moloch. However I’ll experiment with Abho once he’s fully traited and see how they both compare.