Global Stats Info



So this is a request that doesn’t actually need to be included inside the game, it could be a post on the forums or on the blog, every month or so.
What I’d find interesting would be to get some general stats for the game, such as:

  • most common/rare/… troop used this month (all game types together) - for instance: in epics, Brian in about 43% teams; or in legendaries, Gloom Leaf in about 99% teams (yeah, I’m just being salty here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )
  • most used invading line-up
  • most used defensive line-up
  • this month arena’s star troop
  • most used hero’s weapon…

Just to have a sense of what people usually pick in general. I think that’d be good - we might see an upsurge in “new” troops or weapons, or unmovable staples. Obviously, this would always be a bit skewed by flocks of newcomers who tend to all use the epics they just got (Lady Sapphira and Brian forever I think ^^), but still, it could be pretty cool to have an overall idea of how the majority of GoW players are enjoying their game.

Am I alone in being interested in this?


Further divided by level/length of time on the game would be helpful as well.


I might have another look at these when I have a bit of time. The current Weekly Trophies and Leveling lists were done from similar requests, but I needed to keep it to something I could generate pretty quickly on a weekly basis. Data is a tricky beast!


Yeah, to be honest I’ve never been interested in leaderboards (even though I know they are popular) because these latter only tell me who’s been grinding the most, which I don’t feel is all that fascinating (but yes, I know some people are all about their Internet grind, so they’ll always be in demand :smile: ).
But I guess that kind of datamining is not the easiest to get to, and might not be worth the effort, especially since maybe not everyone cares about it. There was a small phone game I used to play in which the devs were always keeping up-to-date the most popular line-ups in the different game modes (it was more of a fighting game with a ton of possible troop combinations), and that always seemed interesting to me to see how the meta shifted anytime a new troop was released. But I get that it might be a lot of work, and therefore not all that easy / time-worthy to get to it. And seeing that only one other player cared to respond, I guess we’re not the majority! :slight_smile:


It would be interesting so see what others are doing just out of curiosity if some types of info were easily obtained.


To discover what is the most used hero’s weapon they have to fix the weapons’ images shown for each member of a guild. The weapons appearing are wrong.


I’m actually not that interested as who I have is working for me right now, but if I did look at such reports, the thought that having them by level seemed to make it more meaningful, since someone who’s level 500+ or even 200+ could be using a team that’s not even in reach for me, given how much they’re leveled and whether I have the cards or not and whether I have the weapons or not. But maybe something to aspire to :slight_smile:


Love this idea. Also wondering how many people play the game daily. Sometimes it feels that nobody is invading you.