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Events on GoW Database Homepage

Now that there are weekly events that encourage team building and exploration, I’ve decided to make a change to the GoW Database page. The question of “where can I find Xxx for exploration?” comes up a lot, so I added an events section to the main page. You can see it at:


This will automatically update every week as I import new troops. Feedback is welcome!

(Note that the filter is not perfect for the non-table links. In the lists, the filter will match all related troops, including those that are “xxx Slayers” and otherwise have spells that affect the associated troops. You’ll need to double-check types in the filtered lists.)


Thanks for adding this :smile_cat:

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Now added the news items as well, with links to featured troops.

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Thanks for adding that, looks great so far.

Do you have a feature request thread or any contact info for that?

Thanks for keeping track of this! :slight_smile:

The best places to leave feedback are either by replying here or in the Gems of War Database thread, or by leaving me a PM :slight_smile: I try to reply promptly to feedback.

Well done @lyya

Now added a 1-month history of all troops released, as well as any troops that have recently been changed (as well as I can automatically detect).



this is great, thank you for your work @Lyya :grin: