Discord GoW Bot?

Is there Dicord GoW bot available much like the one that was created by a user for Telegram?

You can use the bot on this channel to look up troops, spells and kingdoms.


I am aware of this bot, but I was hoping to add a bot to my guild channel. I guess as a temporary fix I’ll ask my guild to use the GoW community bot.

Yeah I’d love one for our guild, too. :slight_smile:

Ahh I see. Well, that bot was coded for the GoW Discord channel. So, you may want to contact MrSnake and/or Sam to ask if they’ll allow you to use it.

Agree. the GoW Discord channel Bot create by MrSnake is the “Cortana” of Gems! :smiley:


I appreciate to hear this, thanks…

Sam and me are working hard to develop the bot and make it even more usefull! There are some more features under construction at the moment.

Edit: Currently its not possible to use our Bot on other servers - but we will trty to realize someday…