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[UPDATED RECRUITMENT] Order of Bastet Guild - Looking to give stray cats a home!

ORDER OF BASTET - Elder Sister in the Children of Ra Family of Three Prides

Level 341, Egyptian-Mythos/Cat-Loving themed Guild, Rank 157! We ARE GW-friendly/Optional and currently sit within Bracket 12 within GW. :smile:


Grrrreeetings, all you GoW-lovin’ peeps out there, especially all you cat-lovin’, Egyptian-Mythos lovin’ peeps.

Order of Bastet is a very active and very social, semi-casual Guild on the rise. We do have reasonable and modest minimums recently being implemented or soon-to-be implemented. Order is also the “Alpha Female” of what are now 3 Guilds, 3 Prides, and is growing stronger with each moment.

It is my hope and vision that Order of Bastet will become the “Big Cat” of the Children of Ra Family, capable of completing all tasks by beginning of 2018 while keeping to our low-pressure, relaxed, Family atmosphere.

Guild Minimums & Requirements at this time:
Level 100+
Gold = 400K/week
Seals = 1000/week
Trophies = 0
Discord (Join via invite to Guild)
Age 18+ (Adult Guild)

NOTE: All Kingdoms Levelled Preferred

What I’m looking for are people who are reasonably active, like to get together in chat, and help out/contribute to the Guild any way they can. Order of Bastet and myself as GM aren’t looking to crack a whip over people to produce and not in this to push rank and be “Top Dog” of the leader boards.

If you are mature, interested in helping out and want a place where you don’t feel overwhelmingly pressured to contribute but can, leave your invite code here, seek me out in-game in PM, and we’ll talk.

Hope to hear from you soon, and may The Goddess watch over you.

We, the “Sons and Daughters of the Goddess, Bastet” also reside within a Group on Steam with functioning Chatroom and personal Order of Bastet Forum:


We also have a Discord Chat Group and FB Group. Inquire if interested in those.

If anyone is interested in what I have to offer… If any stray cats would like a comfy home, a Pride to enjoy the company of, and more… Leave note here with your Invite Code, send me a PM or find me in-game.


Hi, again. Still on the look-out to give some stray cats a home!

Got a good avalanche of people today (Sunday), but I know there may still be more people interested in a semi-casual, low-requirement Guild to call home.

I’d gotten us up to about 11 Members now including myself. And yup, found some fellas who I think will fit in nicely.

However, I’m on the hunt for some gals to join our ranks too, as well as some experienced cats who’ve been around the streets a bit, to help our new “cubs” learn the lay of the land.

Let me know here, find me in-game, or send me a msg through Steam.

Take care.


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I wish you the best in your guild, and just wanted to say that the title of this thread made me giggle a bit. If I were in the market to give your guild a try, I would. But for now, I wish you good luck and may the blessings of best cat be with you and this guild

Bright smile/nodding Thank you, Kurokazna!

Order of Bastet, Bastet is the Egyptian Cat Goddess of nurturing and the hunt, if I remember rightly.

Always loved Egyptian mythology. :smiley:

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Hi again, everyone!!

Order of Bastet has indeed found some stray cats, but we’re still looking to give more interested cats a home. I’d like to give a shout out to not only those interested in what I have to offer, but specifically at this time I’m hoping to find some experienced players to further help our cause and honor our Goddess, Bastet.

Give a shout-out on here expressing your interest and invite code, message me via this site, and/or find me-in game.

Thank you.

L_K (Lysana)

Hello again, all you cat lovers and game lovers out there in GoW land!

Figured I’d spruce up the ad a bit and update it.

I love cats! Bump!

Bigsmile Hey, Psydo!

Thanks much!

Hey Lady you are doing great. Keep up the good work!

Still got lots of openings, one and all! :smile:

Order of Bastet’s got some young “cubs” within, but we could use more experienced “cats” to help teach the youngins how to “hunt”, play the game, and get better!!

Leave word here with your invite code and/or find me in game.

Game name/ID is Lysana.

Hi. I want to join your guild. My invite code is KEVV.

Hello again out there in GoW Land!

Order of Bastet is still on the hunt for members.

Leave word here or in game if you’re interested and/or have questions.

Hi, I wish the guild was a higher level (im 1000+) I’m half Egyptian and obsessed with cats! Guild sounds brilliant, good luck :slight_smile:

Hi, Rage.

What do you mean by 1000+, if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks much for the luck wish. :smiley:

You are welcome. My hero level is over 1000.

actually. Im out of my main guild for a few months becasue im too busy and cant keep up with contributions. ill join yours for a while if youll have me? Ill give all my gold. :slight_smile:

invite code: ragereaver

Hi, I’m a new lv33 player(3d) here looking to join your guild.

Invite code: CASPYR

Hi, Ragereaver and caspyr.

Sending you both mail. Thanks much for responding.

I’m not joining the guild, but you guys seem interesting. Is it okay if I check out the Steam group?

Sure thing. :smile:

Go right ahead. As far as I know, the Steam Group isn’t private.