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🐯 Purrfect Casual Guild - Join us New Order of Bastet

Are you looking for a casual, social guild that cares about friendship and fun?

Come join us.

New Order of Bastet, Pride of the Plains, is looking for 3 seasoned hunters who are still hungry but want to be in a more semi-casual environment.

Minimums: 750+ Seals/Week, 200K Gold/Week due by Sunday 12:00pm Mountain Time
Reqs: Age 18+, ALL Kingdoms unlocked Level 10 & Approximately Level 400.
Discord participation to vote on weekly task order and Weekly Event participation Mandatory.

DM Me with the following info:
Invite Code
Kingdom status
Why do you feel New Order of Bastet is good for you?
What do you feel you bring to the guild?

Royal Guard of the New Order of Bastet

Still looking for pridemates that want to have fun. We have 4 slots available.

Come join us

Are you a seasoned GoW player and want a place to relax and just play?

Come be part of our PRIDE

Lots of relaxed kitties over here!

Looking for 4-6 purrfect cats to come hunt with us in our Guild