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Looking for a New Home (CLOSED)

Level 1101 player, can easily do 300t/1500s/500k per week. Looking for an active high level guild with good communication. Let’s see how well we can work together.

Heroes United rank 16 one spot avible :wink:

Well… knowing there’ll be an avalanche of interested parties looking to give you a home, and knowing I’d already offered you a spot in PM and in chat, I will simply and more officially put offer in.

If you’re interested in hanging with a bunch of cool cats, rising up the line, hungry and on the prowl, give a shout to myself or any within Order of Bastet.

Seals = 750/week
Trophies = No Min
Gold = To be Discussed at Jan meeting.

Hi, Riversong. There’s a spot for you in Match Makers. Just give us a day to sort things out if you’re interested.

Thank you, @MineralsMan. I will wait to hear back from you.

Thank you for all the invitations. I am no longer homeless.