Looking for an active guild to contribute to

I’m a level 300 something. Not the best player ever, not the worst. Looking for an ACTIVE guild. What I can offer-

All weekly gold will go towards the guild.
Daily guild wars
100+ trophies per week
I am on virtually all the time, so if something needs to be grinded out etc just shoot me a message and I’ll hop on it.

Hope somebody responds and gives me a shot to contribute to their guild!

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Come Join “Loot and Plunder” we are a casual small guild and we would be glad to have you join us.

Knight of Darkness has a place of you if you are interested.

Our Guild “Casual Spirit” would be glad to have a new member! Feel free to reach out! Good luck!

Check out Morbid Intent - updated our post a minute ago

Hi there.

I’ve got 2 openings in Order of Bastet.

Feel free to read up on our posting:

Let me know either here or in PM if you’re interested