LFG Active Daily

New player currently ~lv70 looking for guild don’t mind contributing but just got first 2 kingdoms maxed just looking for an active guild.

Hey, Alekzandyr. Temple of Sekhmet’s got a lot of openings that we can bring you in… give you some help with Kingdoms, and an opportunity to transfer up when you feel you are strong enough to move up from Temple of Sekhmet to Order of Bastet.



If you think you can meet all requirements, consider applying to Dark Riders :slight_smile:

Hello @Lady_Kendra,
If you would have me I’d love to join the Order of Bastet. I don’t have any problems getting 1500 seals a week, have gotten at least 200 trophies this week and plan to keep at least that pace. I’m still leveling my kingdoms but can contribute at least 150k+ gold a week. Also happy to say I just passed lv100. Inv. code ALEKZANDYR_EBDU (may or may not need _)

Greetings Alekzadyr

We are a fairly new guild called SWA League but what we lack in numbers (which i am trying to boost) we make up by everyone playing daily. Most of us work in the same office so to get them to do something i just say hey guys do this. Anyway we have levels from 20 all the way up to 600+. Contact @Grimztone or Just tell me to invite you.