Update Troop List To Include Traitstone Requirements


Is the keeper of souls Arcane Dark? Skull? Death? How about all the other cards out there? I did not see abhorath being spirit…if anything I thought it would be G.I. related.

You already have the troop list sorting by name. Please just update it to include traitstones so we can plan our resources accordingly.


The troop list needs multiple revisions - more importantly, it needs to list troop types.

Arcane Traitstone requirements will be of the same colors the that troop is, just look at the Arcane Traitstones’ images. Keeper of Souls is Arcane Skull.


Traitstone requirements would just have to be displayed once for each rarity, then it covers all troops. Kind of like how the troop leveling page is, which is also out of date. xD