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How do you know what troops use which Arcane traitstone?

I’ve searched through the forums and Google using any keywords I could possibly think of for about 2 hours now (so, if I’ve missed something and it’s already been addressed, I’m sorry)…but I can’t find anything relevant. There was a Wiki page that showed a few troops Arcane traitstones, but not even close to all of them (really only a handful).

So, does anyone have a reference or anything helpful that will allow me to know what troops use which arcane traitstones beforehand (I don’t want to waste all of my major/minor/runic traitstones just to find out, plus I don’t even have all the troops yet)?

This weeks event is Spirit Arcane Traitstones, and I’m basically just wondering how many I need based on which troops need them and if the troops are actually good. I have a fully traited Queen Mab and quite a bit of surplus glory that I can either save for next week’s event or spend now to get the Spirit. If there are other really good troops that use Spirit, I would like to be able to have some spirit lined up for them…but if there isn’t any other good ones, I’d rather save. That’s the predicament I have every week and it’s become a bit overwhelming…so any tips or resources I would really appreciate.

There are a few ways but this guide on the forum is easiest to link:


Try this - 🔥 Troop List per Arcane Stone 🔥

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Yep, having someone else rep your guide looks better… :sunglasses:


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Thanks everyone for the help! That is exactly what I was looking for.
I’m not sure why I couldn’t find this… I spent a long time searching through the guides here… :frowning:
Ahh well, others are much better than I at finding things.

Thanks a lot!

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And because this thread will inevitably disappear off the front page, here’s another tip:

If you google “Gems of war list of troops per arcane stone” the list linked here will be the top result.

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Indeed, also one can type in “arcane list” here in the board search and it will pop up first.

Another option is:


Or in table form:



also - the two colors the troop takes, thats the arcane it takes…

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Or use this software ;-):