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Upcoming weekend

PC/Steam (10 char).

Same as me, I have bad luck as usual finding the verses I need to start a GaP…

Day 1 haul: 624 vk, 67 evk, 59 pity keys.
Total of 750 from 18 hrs farming.

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You are maybe in the 1 % with those numbers. Just important to mention it in case the Devs jumps on the nerfing gun again.

i experienced the same thing, i think key drop rate is nerfed on both vk and evk during palooza

I don’t think it has ever been stated that vault keys drop at a 10% chance, so what your results show is not evidence of a nerf, but evidence in support of the vault key drop rate being lower than 10%. This is consistent with what the rate has been in the past.

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What @Qoob says.
It has been stated that epic keys should be 10% of all vault keys; nothing more.

I posted this elsewhere but posting here too since relevant.

My data so far (for this event):

  • total number of gnomes: 8144
  • keys: 567 => 6.96%
  • epic keys: 76 => 0.93%

That being said, before running a 5-hour non-stop GaP, my epic key rate was closer to 0.7%, so take that part with a grain of salt. To me it feels like, key drop rate is 7% and epic key drop rate is 0.7% (which is 10% of the key drop, which is consistent with @Dust_Angel’s latest post).

Did you subtract off all band gnomes encountered? Otherwise, this would be an underestimate of the vault key drop chance, since band gnomes cannot drop vault keys.

Very good point and no, I did not. But I know how many verses I got, so I can adjust the computation. Thanks for reminding.

I did subtract the pity keys though, so at least that is taken care of.

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ur at PC/Mobile, Fleg at console and crushed your statistic. So something is off here.

Updated the data and accounted for music gnomes.

  • total number of gnomes: 8285, music gnomes: 374
  • keys: 575 => 7.27%
  • epic keys: 76 => 0.96%

Will do more GaP later on (I hope) and keep updating. @Qoob

Day 2 haul: 365 vk, 28 evk, 15 pity keys.
Total of 408 from 12 hrs farming.

Now u can relax and enjoy rest of the weekend without playing. :bowing_man:

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The value of vault keys is different to what it was pre Tarot cards. That’s because you can spend hundreds and miss targets.

750 VK - still missing a band member. Someone I know, over 900 etc. So many cards with circa 1-2% chance.

The value of a VK is no longer the same.

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That’s how they punish players for not paying to get the elite campaign pass. They know it’s near impossible to get a tarot drop, so it’s working as intended.


I never expected the drop rate for tarot cards to be high, but especially in time, this will be a bigger problem in the future since there will be more and more in the pool. This will turn similar to “rolling a specific mythic from gem keys”, which is close to impossible nowadays. At the beginning, it was only heart of rage that you would get as “rare” from the vault, but nowadays, we have, heart of rage, the sun, the moon, and the emperor (I might be missing :slight_smile: ). I think every Champaign will continue to add another one, which will make the pool larger and larger. I wonder if we will have some rotations in the vault e.g., similar to rotations with weekly kingdoms to increase the chances of getting a particular card e.g., a tarot. I guess we will only see in time.

The Star will show up in the campaign in two weeks. I think after the campaign, it will be added to the pool.

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Day 3 haul: 348 vk, 46 evk, 11 pity keys.
Total of 405 from 12 hrs farming.

3 day totals: 1337 vk, 141 evk, 85 pity keys.
18,624 gnomes killed (all gnome types included)