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How long does it take to farm 4 versus during vault weekend?

If don’t have Ironhawk yet and used a Rowanne team how long would it take to farm 4 versus during vault weekend?

Just 4? Not unique 4? Easy with the right team.

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30 minutes

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For me using a Phoenicia team it was usually somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes farming between gnome-a-paloozas. Usually more towards 30 as I was normally able to trigger a gnome-a-palooza and collect a new pet rescue as soon as the current one expired.

(First one took longer; after that one I ended up with a surplus of verses 1, 3 and 4 and was always grinding for verse 2.)

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30 minutes isn’t that long to collect 4. The offer for $50 to get 3 of each might have only taken an hour and a half to get 12 versus. The offer also had some gems but not much.

Does anyone know the exact rate the band gnomes appear? If so we can actually calculate the average time it takes.

Otherwise, you’ll get a big range. Like you, I also use a Rowanne team. I was able to do my first GAP within 15 minutes. My second took a few hours. I think I saw someone at 9 hours… Don’t let that scare you though. I reckon average is under an hour.

Low level explores are easy to do on autopilot, so watch TV or something at the same time. :wink:


About an hour on average to get a gnomapalooza is not that long using a Rowanne team. It would take a lot less time with two Ironhawks.

It’s quite safe to say, I presume, that no official appearance rates has ever been given.
Going from personal experience, though:

Overall gnome rate during vault event is +/- 10%, verse gnomes constitute about half of that so - 5% (I had, rounding the numbers, 200 verse gnomes in 4000 games played).

Here is how my gnomes went on day-by-day basis:

Fredi - 5+10+8+14=37
Cindi - 4+14+19+17=54
Hoagi - 4+14+13+20=51
Baz - 2+10+18+30=60,

while they tend to even out over time, for example, on Sunday I had already ten or more of others before first Fredi showed up…


So if a band gnome shows up in 5% of fights, that’s 20 fights per band gnome. Or, 80 fights for the entire band.

How long it takes to do 80 fights varies from person to person, and how focused you are at speedrunning. Personally, for one of the GAPs I got 184 gnomes, so that’s 46 fights for the 15 minutes. If I maintain that for spamming explore to find gnomes, I can do 80 fights in 26 minutes.

So, basically, half hour on average.

Of course, there’s no way I’m going to speed run like that without breaks, or farm without a distraction like watching TV. The 80 fight average is more important than the time imo.

Edit: Note this is kind of misleading because this is an average. The likelihood the first four band gnomes you fight are unique isn’t the greatest.


They even out once you have over 50 of each I think.

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Long story short, even an average mid level player should be able to do on average 1 GAP per hour during vault events. This is the greatest update since x4 speed.

Farming during a vault event used to net me about 1 vk an hour on average. Now it’s like 20!!!

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