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Unselecting everything that is "set in stone" so to speak

So I was wondering why some things aren’t “unselecteable”. The things that come to mind are medals & class skills in the skill tree. The only way to unselect medals is to “lose” them. Either after an event for those that are limited time, or by using them trying to get troops medaled.

As for class skills, no such luck. Once selected, they’re locked.

Could you omplement a simply “clear” button for each of these? if not, why not? It’s just one of those things that are missed really and shouldn’t be too inconvenient to implement.


May I ask why a Guild Bracket 1 player just so happens to be requesting for an option to make themselves, or perhaps, their defenses. Weaker during Guild Wars week?

There’s zero strategy benefit to having zero medals equipped and zero talents selected other than for altruism reasons outside of Guild Wars. Completely different story during Guild Wars.

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My plan wasn’t to do it during a specific week. The purpose is to simply make the “pops” at the beginning of battle as few as possible. Sure they take at most a second, but each text has to pop up and “trigger”. Like skills, traits, medals, etc. This means those fractions add up when you do it 5000 times a week. Was just wanting to speed up my farming.

It just so happened to be Guild Wars week right now, not like that had any connection except the unfortunate timing of it.

Edit: Btw, how’d you see the info about me? I didn’t know the account showed anything online.

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As a workaround, you can unselect all class talents by using the copy/paste team function.

Here’s a random team I just grabbed: [1056,6470,6409,6751,3042,2,1,2,3,2,3,2,14012]. See those single digits at the end? That’s for your class talents. They can be 0, 1, 2, or 3. 0 means unselected. 1 is the left talent, 2 the middle, and 3 the right. Make them all 0 and you won’t have any talents, so [1056,6470,6409,6751,3042,0,0,0,00,0,0,14012]

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Thanks, I did try this but at least one talent has to be selected, the first. So it’s 1 then a bunch of zeroes. At least that is a little workaround. I would still like a “clear” button tho.

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Those medals/talents speed up farming despite the nano second and the talents/traits would still trigger on defense so the nano seconds really would be inconsequential.

But thanks for answering my question.

In regards to your info.

I actually thought you were a different and I see now based on your previous posts that you play on PS4.
So just a coincidence if you’re also in bracket 1.

(But since you aren’t on mobile/pc I’m also less interested in this thread now. 🤷😉 Lol)

As far as I’m aware, only Anu and Orpheus medals will pop up in battle when they activate, not any stat boosting medals. So you can use Nysha, Seasons, Gaard, etc. without any slowdown. As for hero class talents, @Snooj is right. I personally use Warlord class with only Quick Study talent selected when speeding through E1 or E2 as the other talents aren’t needed there, and I don’t use Warlord class for anything else.


The thing is, everything is not needed during E1 spamming. At that point you want speed, nothing else. talents and such do nothing there to help but , as pointed out, rather hamper it. 5000 battles done in a week, even if it’s just half a second added that’s 2500 seconds or, 41 minutes wasted on waiting for the game to have a cool “effect” show up.

Oh you might be right! I went with 3 Gaard just cause I landed on those by accident and I don’t actually see them “pop up” but I think I saw the armor change tho, so no text but maybe still a tiny delay? Not sure if that’s correct but I wouldn’t mind testing “medal-less”.

I’m using Ironhawk + 2xDD for class leveling in E1. The whole point is to speed things up so ANY minor detail can have a huge impact when accumulated over thousands of battles (cause class leveling is such a great concept in this game!.. Takes longer than Zuul which is already insane).

At any rate, many thanks for the insight!


You could fill 1 of your medal loadout slots with the medal/badges of the week and at the end of the week when they transform to seasons medals you will have a blank loadout.


Yeah this has been a thought, and also suggested and if I get 3 total I will.