Switching medal sets on main screen with selection arrows

Hopefully at some point it is changed to where we can set class talents and medals per team and have that save in the team codes.
In the meantime I thought it would be nice to be able to add the selection arrows in the medals/badge screen directly onto the main screen as well so to switch the 3 preset medal sets you use you would not have to leave the main screen. Clicking on a badge or medal will bring you to the medal/badge selection screen and there we can still change our setups but swapping between the presets we already have shouldn’t need loading times hopping in and out of the medals screen.

just add this part

up here as well and maybe figure out that new button you added being so large and showing up when you don’t need it to.
I think it would greatly help frustrations especially for those of us with bad net connections and ion days where the servers are over loaded to be able to skip load times and have quicker access to swapping our medals and badges thanks.


There was a great post about this issue

Nothing happened as usual.


Similar but they wanted the badges on the to battle screen whereas I propose they add them to the top of the main screen where it shows your equipped badges/medals slots. It might be an easier thing for them to do coding wise.

Hey all!

Aware this has been an ongoing piece of feedback in relation to Medals and Team builds! I updated the report to make sure none points shared had been missed previously. :sparkles:

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