Medals should be attached to teams

I dont know why this has not been implemented yet. It is the same as when hero classes were global. Literally one of the worst features in the game (besides all the skull bugs I cant get fixed).

Why is it so hard to understand? During guild wars week we use certain medals for certain teams. They are rarely the same for offense as they are for defense. The stupid world event medals are even worse when you forget you had them changed and then go to bed and wake up the next morning to find your goblin defense is 0/10 because you have no cleanse medals set and everyone just froze them and ran them over.

I am really tired of so many things being so screwed up. When over half your player base agrees on something it should really be thought about.

I have to touch on this again. Guild wars is the WORST for this. People literally wait until your medals change. In the higher brackets all the time people get their matches in quick when someone in a guild is on discord alerting everyone that your medals or hero trees are set wrong.

This stuff really needs to stop. There should be a little spot at the top of your team where you set your medals and they are team specific.


If i remember correctly devs said that it won’t be implemented.

they said the same thing about removing gem costs for switching hero classes for the longest of time.


They could have the 3 sets, then have a tab on the team select screen, (right above or below the edit team button) where you can choose which of the sets you want.

It wouldn’t change much from the current system, just an easy way to assign them. As it is now you either forget to change them or have to back out all the way to the main screen.

The logical way from the start would have been a way to change them from the team select screen.


This is a very important issue, particularly for high bracket guilds. These guys are kinda forced to blast through world events on a Monday so they can forget about medal watching opportunists from other guilds. Or they can risk doing world event sporadically thru the week or last thing before weekly reset to minimise the potential damage. And having to compromise offence/defence capability by using a best fit (non world event) medal set for any given day is hardly ideal. As another thread correctly stated: “Guild wars + World event is INSANE”.


In high GW brackets (1-3) there is also another issue.

Players will always abuse everything they can, especially being so high in rankings obviously. So many guilds there are saving battles, often doing them at Saturday-Sunday, all at once.

In your GW defense teams, you usually need different medals during different days (let’s say you use 3 skull teams and 3 spell teams in your defense, some require 20% mana start, other don’t).
If your enemy delay battles until last one-two days of GW, you just can’t set medals properly for all those teams at once! This means, by delaying, enemy will fight half battles with your teams having completely wrong medals set! So actually abusing badly designed medals system will give you noticable advantage in GW currently.

BTW: Just to be clear - I don’t blame players for doing this. It should be up to the devs, to not design anything in a way it could be easily abused :frowning:.


100% agreed. This is a common practice exploited in the higher brackets. I have previously suggested that perhaps penalties should be invoked if you don’t fight your daily battles within 48 hours to combat this. Maybe a 5% deduction from the points scored if this tactic is employed. But of course players will exploit stuff if the game design permits. Gems seems almost to encourage it by ‘designing’ in this way. But hey, it is what it is. Thankfully I am only in B4 and this ‘strategy’ is relatively uncommon. I don’t miss B1 at all because I believe in sportsmanlike gaming.

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Not playing “on the day” isn’t unsportsmanlike. It’s how people with only enough free time on the weekend are able to participate.

And that’s before considering what others have already said: that playing on the weekend is advantageous and, therefore, in a smart player’s best interest, and this is a tactic available to everyone except the (minority) of people with weekend shifts at work.

A good way forward, regardless, would be to lock in all teams after Monday, and let a person play all their battles immediately if they wanted. No reason to lock battles behind the daily time-gates besides disenfranchising people by their work schedules.

Just imagine people with free Wednesdays: they could have caught up with Wars this week, or gotten ahead so as to be able to play Tinker Town without other time constraints. It’d be awesome, and it breaks nothing, as “daily victory” could still be awarded the same way it is now.

EDIT: to be on-topic, as I’ve said before — Yes, absolutely, medals should be team-specific, coding difficulties be beaver-homed.


Well, the only reasonable fix would be to set medals for specific teams. All problems solved. I actually wrote my post above, because some people claim “fixing” medals is easy and there should be two different medal sections, one for world map and another one for guild wars.
The thing is, that wouldn’t fully fix the problem! For the reasons stated in my previous post.

I’m not sure if that’s right, but I heard main issue for medals not being assignable to the teams yet is, devs can only have 6 tabs max on team selection screen, and we already have Troops/Weapon/Banners/Class/Bonuses/Pets.
But to be honest, I don’t even understand why do we have Pets tab on Team selection screen. This is actually misleading - most new players thinks pet bonus works only for currently selected pet. Current UI design suggest this!

If that’s why medals “can’t be set for specific teams”, then why not moving Pets tab somewhere to style section instead (after all, currently selected pet is cosmetic thing only)! Maybe new button for your character Style should be added to UI (and maybe more ways to customize your character could be added some day)? It would fix misleading design and make a space for Medals tab on Team selection screen.


Yes I agree but that doesn’t apply to highly active guilds like your own. Guilds such as yours don’t have weekend players because you combine with day by day effort. Kinda wondering what point you are trying to make?
I was in your guild before you were so that makes your efforts to deceive even more apparent

I’m not deceiving.

I don’t have time during the week to play Guild Wars battles. They take me hours, so I dedicate my weekends to them. Medals don’t factor into that decision at all, because often they don’t make the difference for me whether I win or lose, but medals are the reason I don’t play World Events during the week, because I don’t want weaker defenses unnecessarily. I’m sure there are other players in the world like me, even in top guilds — in fact I know we still have 3 players who are waiting for Sunday because of work and not because of medals.

And not everyone in my guild fits that bill, by the way — some complete everything right at reset, some wait for the weekend like me, and most are somewhere in the middle. Never claimed otherwise, so I don’t know what your beef is — especially since I’ve never complained about how people play, since I don’t begrudge anyone playing the way they want to play, so long as they’re not exploiting (this isn’t that — medals were coded this way, and function this way by design. I have argued the design should be different so that no one would be incentivized to cram at the ends, but even if it was I would still be playing on the weekends because, despite there no longer being an advantage to doing so, I would still not have the time to play during the week :joy:) :man_shrugging:

Also—the fact that you were in the guild before I was even a member (let alone GM), tells me you were a member when it was a different guild.

Cultures change when membership does, and Unforgiven’s has dramatically in the past year or two. Cultures change even more when leadership does—obviously.

So I think your “knowledge” is a little out-of-date.

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Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any profit in making a fix like this. So, much like the weapon upgrade fix, you can expect exactly 0 people working on this issue.


Maybe in 5.3 (I don’t know what they could possibly add to the game in 5.2) they will give us that feature. You can pay U$ 2,99 or 2000 gems for each medal you want to equip on a single team.


Indeed. Fixing bugs and improving the game experience is absolutely not going to happen.


Well more and more people like me will stop spending money or leave entirely due to all these issues. Whether or not this will outweigh the amount of people who want to play and spend money on a super buggy/works as intended game is beyond me.

Addictions are bad and I feel most of the older player base that still plays is here because of that.


Sadly that is probably true. I can’t even seem to give up playing my 2nd account much less stopping altogether…

As for the thread topic itself - Of course it was obvious within a short amount of time to anyone that actually plays the game that medals should be linked to teams rather than being one global buff. Unfortunately it does not seem like the designers of this game think about team strategy like players do at all. That leads to bad design choices which we are then stuck with forever because it isn’t worthwhile to re-do the design at that point. I wish they would just learn to run functionality like this past a focus group of veteran players so they could avoid implementing an obviously poor design to begin with.

I don’t think I would ever quit the game over issues like this though. It is annoying and could contribute to going in that direction if enough things piled up I guess. You know what I mean, everyone will have a tipping point where the accumulation of all of these little nuisances becomes enough to outweigh the fun they have playing, or even the addiction aspect.

One thing I can say for sure is that I stopped recommending this game to people I know a while ago. I used to proactively tell my friends they should try it, but now I won’t even suggest they should get into it even if they ask me.


Medals do not work in Arena battles. Understandable, but why then couldn’t Event medals have been set up to only work in Events. Why do I constantly find myself with useless Event medals equipped while I am fighting Explores or Delves, or PvP?

They set up a new game mode for Events, and could have had it’s own Medal rules system. I can’t adequately articulate how frustrated I am that I still mess these things up. Whatever their reasons for doing it this way, they messed up. If they said it would confuse the new players (I can’t remember what was said back then), well, I’m not new, and I’m confused.

If setting medals to each team, or even game mode, is too difficult, than just change the one mode that screws over all the others with its :poop: medals.