More Medal Slots

Assuming you have no intentions of adding medals to teams any time soon.
I request that you add at least one more medals slot to save medal layouts considering you can now have 3 events running at the same time.
I feel like the 3 slots are super arbitrary.
Considering we have over double the medals available as we do slots to have custom layouts for them.

I have a slot for my quick magic based team.
I have a slot for my Guild Wars defense teams.
I have a slot for my World Event team.

What I would like to have in addition to the others:
A slot for my Guild Wars offense teams.
A slot for my skull spam team.

I ask that you think of the mobile players who the experience of switching out medals isn’t only tedious. But can be frustrating due to the size restrictions. We have to be pretty precise when trying to replace medals in certain positions.

It’s a QOL issue that though doesn’t seem like a priority. I feel wouldn’t be too time consuming to implement.


It would help a lot indeed. Not trying to hijack the thread but I’d even prefer to have it in the troop menu instead and linked to the team setup directly, just like banners for example. In the end, each team takes advantage of its specific medal setup.


I don’t even necessarily need medals for teams, but I wish I could say “Use these medals for defense” “Use these for delves…” etc.


Also for the love of all that is user-friendly, PLEASE MAKE THE ARROWS BIGGER. I often have to spend 5-10 seconds tapping around on my phone to get the medals to change.

(edit: Or, maybe make it so you can swipe the medals from side to side to scroll through the presets?)


And if you can warn people that they’re starting an Event without equipping an Event Medal they own, PLEASE also warn them that they’re starting a non-Event Battle with an Event Medal equipped!


THIS. For the love of all that’s holy to you, THIS.


Ow god yes