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Lock medals in with a guild wars defense

It is a big bummer on guild wars weeks where we have to carefully watch and make sure our opponents are not going so we can switch medals for the defense.

Now it really limits you with what you can do or just go without using them which seems like a waste to me.

I just rather not play these weeks and let them stay put.

So how about with everything else that locks in for the daily defenses how about locking the medals too please.



Sadly the days are long gone where the devs will spend time on anything that has no monetary benefit. If they can’t monetize it somehow it will never happen.


So for .99 perhaps :joy:

Per day per medal…

Or better yet make the medals be assigned at the team level and it solves the problem across the entire game. You know, like it obviously should have been designed from the beginning…


If that’s too difficult due to coding infrastructure, though, then having 6 dedicated Guild Wars slots could maybe be a middle ground. We’ve already seen 1 global loadout turn into 3 global loadouts — so why not 6, and have them dual-function as respective Guild Wars days?