More Team Slots PLEASE!

We are now creating special teams for events every week, and soon we will be utilizing another 6 or more slots for teams of specific colors to use in guild wars. It was already hard enough to fit all of my teams into the slots provided. With the events, guild wars, and new cards being added every day, we need to have at least 10 more slots, and 20 or 30 more would be great. PLEASE!!!


I’ll like this idea every time it’s posted but I would like to add that there needs to be a better way to organize teams, too (like being able to drag and drop teams like you can with troops within teams). Having more slots would be great but it’ll just lead to a big mess and more difficulty in finding the team you want to use if there isn’t a way to organize them, too. :slight_smile:


I agree that with the upcoming Guild Wars, that’s another 6 slots taken up by the different color teams.

Maybe 12, no? 6 for offense and 6 for defense?

+1 to this for sure!
But I have to agree with @ogunther… again… :disappointed: :wink:

We will need a way to organize those teams. One feature that I would like very much is the ability to pick up the team from the team list, like you do individual troops, and reorganize team order, as you do troops within the team.

Did that make sense? :thinking:


Maybe a delete a team function too?

Beggars can’t be choosers though. If the option is 10 more slots or nothing until they introduce better management, I’d absolutely take the extra slots.


I’d actually choose the organize option before adding more team slots myself but I’m guessing that would take more development time than just adding twice the slots (though that’s just a guess). :wink:


+1 to this.

Both to better organization and more team slots. I mean, for the weekly event teams I just named one slot “weekly Event” and I change it every week, but what if I make a team that I love and want to keep? Unless I keep a spreadsheet of really cool compositions that I’ve made, there is no definite way that I can keep in mind all the interesting team make-ups there are.

Also, the ability to re-order teams would be amazing. Not to mention a capability to “bunch together” teams that are used in different ways. Like, a place to keep several defense teams, offense teams, etc. While the naming is great, it only allows for so many letters/numbers.

As for this? The third tab of “bonuses” has a “clear team” button. And when I use it (which I do), I then rename it as “empty” so I know I have a clear spot. Not that that happens often…but it is there.


With the daily tasks that we have on console, I run into this problem all the time, so I did start using a spreadsheet to track good task teams that I want to come back to when a particular task repeats. More team slots could be good, but there comes a point where you can’t really keep track of all the teams you have set-up anymore. That point is probably something more than 20, though.

I don’t think we have that on console, or if we do, I hadn’t noticed the addition.

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I would LOVE better organization of the teams, and being able to re-order them. That would help with my OCD and save me a bunch of time manually re-ordering my teams.

As for the number of team slots, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I don’t have any need for them personally. I’ve only used 13 slots ever, and about half of those are never used anymore. In practice, I really only have maybe 7-8 teams I regularly use. Guess I’m not being strategic enough :wink:

Omg… No clear team button? You poor things! :sob: Of all the things that you should be caught up with on PC/Mobile, I’m sure it is far down the list, but hey, syncing the two different server sets would make conversations on the forum a little less confusing, for sure.

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Yeah that’s what I always tell Ogunther, not enough strategy in Hoguns. In Mean Machine we have strategy.

and yes our strategy is working. :sunglasses::laughing:


What if the developers “monetized” the expansion utilizing the Gem economy?

Everyone gets 20 Free Slots like the game is now (after they unlock them as normal).

Players wanting deeper team rosters more could buy packs to unlock 20-200? in packs of 20?. OVBIOUSLY better team management will need to be incorporated with this. Reorder, Grouping, Delete, Favorite, etc. And everyone would have access to the better management.

Thread SelfPromotion (Hero class will need to be looked at with this as well)


[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:13, topic:21109, full:true”] and yes our strategy is working. :sunglasses::laughing:
Your strategy is to stay behind us? It’s definitely working then :slight_smile:


Ah damn it I made that comment to cut you off, didn’t work. That burn hurts more than you know.

You’ll feel our warm embrace soon enough. :laughing::smiling_imp:

Just friendly banter as always, didn’t mean to derail thread. Continue on humans.


Oo, a long-lasting way that actually somewhat makes my spent money feel like it was useful? I would be so into that. I have such a hard time picking things to put my money into for this game, because so much of it is just collection-based. And I love to collect, but it’s not really worth money when most of it I will get with time. Patience, I have…but I would really like VIP 3! Just no enough to spend money frivolously.


Paying for extra slots is a decent idea. To expand on that, I would totally love and pay for shared guild team slots. Specifically, say maybe 10 slots that could be edited by Sentinel or higher, but used by everybody, Anybody in the guild (who has the matching cards) could select and use these teams. Considering Guild Wars, it would be way better then just additional slots, since there’s a good chance the guild will determine an “optimal team” to use each day (pending the actual details/scoring being released). As for paying for it, you could make it more expensive but payable jointly, and then once enough contributions were made it unlocks permanently for the guild. That would allow everybody to pitch in equally, or a couple generous members to take care of it.


OMG… nothing to spend money on? You poor thing! :sob: You can always spend money on things you don’t need or would get anyway. I made it to VIP 3 mostly on daily gem packs. Not because I needed the gems but just because I wanted to send some cash to the devs to support the game, and better gems than maps.

Oh, no, I support the devs. I’m like…VIP 2.5 by now, and I check the store weekly for things I want. I’m just very frugal, and am picky in how I show my support.

Cute re-use of the first phrase btw… :smiley: