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Pasting team code with hero talents

This is borderline a bug, but I’m posting it as a feature request because if it’s intended, it’s crummy.

If I have a hero class at level 100, and a guildmate has the same hero class at any lower level, when they send me a team code, it leaves my hero’s higher level talents unselected. This is especially insidious since hero talents are shared across all my teams with that class, so if I paste in a team to a “testing” slot just to see what someone else is using, it can seriously disrupt my other teams.

Concretely, I would ask that if a “0” is present in the team code for a hero talent, that it does NOT overwrite whatever hero talent I have selected for that level with “nothing,” but instead simply leaves it alone.

Alternatively, when copying a team code by default, instead of copying a 0 when a talent is not present, it could just leave it blank, so


would become


for example.


Great if this change could be made - it’s an irritating bug/poor design feature

Me yesterday, doing guild event: “why am I not getting barriers on my Titan hero? Why am I not seeing any gem explosions? oh. half the talents unselected… /sigh”

Seriously, this is very annoying. There should be a toggle if to import the hero talents or not (and/or highlight changed talents).

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There’s at least the warning when importing, that talents will be replaced…

Ditto on the request - this has been brought up before, 0 should not unset your talent. Makes this all way more work than it needs to be. Originally I kind of liked the prospect that you could use this to “unset” your talents and do test runs with a lower effective class level to help out with theorycrafting bare minimums, but I’d gladly do without the ability to unset talents if it meant everyone not dealing with this annoyance.

I actually went through and deconstructed the anatomy of these codes when they first came out. I was unable to post it at the time for… reasons, so I guess I might as well go over it now.

The array of IDs actually contains a bunch of subsets that are parsed in the order that one number belonging to the subset are encountered, ignoring entries that don’t belong to that subset. You can manually arrange these subsets in any order, even crossing between other subsets, and they will still work. The useful thing is you can edit out all of that subset and you’ll have a team code that doesn’t alter that part when you paste it.

The subsets are, in the default order they appear:
The first through fourth slots correspond to a specific troop or weapon, in team order, left to right (troops start at 6000, weapons at 1000). Using a weapon more than once invalidates the code.
Fifth slot is the banner ID (starts at 3000).
The next seven slots are talents, in order, represented by a 0, 1, 2, or 3.
Last slot is the class ID (starts at 14000).

The order within each set determines which slot they refer to - ie., the first number between 1000-2999 or 6000 - 13999 is the first slot on the team, the second one is the second, etc. But you can scramble the sets at will and still have a valid code. Since subsets are parsed in the order they are encountered, you can’t (at least currently), for example, have a code that says “don’t change this specific talent ever”. And if not enough numbers are found to set talents, they default to unset.

But what you can do is say “don’t change any of my talents”. If you omit any of the subsets completely (except, you know, the actual team, since that always gets set), what you have is a code that will not change that particular thing. Thus;

Removing all numbers between 0 and 3 from your code produces a code that doesn’t change any talents.

So from your example above:

Would become:

Which is a “safe” code for talents. It says talents will be imported on the preview screen, but where it normally shows which talents, it is blank area instead of a whole bunch of “any”, and your talents will remain unchanged on whatever class.

Alternatively, if you remove the class from the team code (the last number), your class will be whatever it was before, and no talents will be set.

You can cut out almost everything and still get a valid code, so long as you have a minimum of four entries total, at least one of which is a weapon or hero.
[1000, 0, 0, 0]
(produces a solo knight’s sword hero, doesn’t change class, banner - despite what it says -, or talents.
The zeroes here would normally point to talents, but we don’t have a class set in this code so class doesn’t change and neither do talents)

Thing is, teams like this very clearly need at least one specific talent set to a certain thing to function properly (in this case leafstorm, bare minimum). Sharing the code with someone less in the know without any talents or without a class leaves out this vital piece of information.

You could, instead, if you are going so far as to manually editing your codes putting your ideal talents in all the slots when you send them out for share. Ie.,

I’ve done “optimized” this teams I send out in the past where I know they’ll remain up for the forseeable future.

At the end of the day, because talents aren’t stored on team slot but rather class, you really kind of have to check your talents every time you take a new team out for a spin. And occasionally an older team. Food for thought: this is annoying enough where I generally don’t use the same class for multiple teams where they need different tools set (ie., Orbweaver would always get put on teams to exploit the darkstorm start rather than me switching to leafstorm and needing to switch back). But “just put the talents on the team slot” is a much bigger ask than people realize, and would likely immediately qualify as “not actionable” and I don’t want that to drag down this perfectly reasonable request that maybe has a fraction of a chance to be implemented at some point. So to be clear, I’m not asking for talents on team slots here, at least not in this thread.

If any dev made it this far, just reiterating that all these are fairly laborious workarounds for a system meant entirely for convenience in the first place that should just not unset talents with team share codes and making 0s in team codes not unset talents would be an all around good quality of life change.

tl;dr: Just this:


I actually had this happen last night. I was doing delves with Titan and my spell damage wasn’t increasing with each cast despite thinking Lord of Storms was selected. I don’t remember copying any teams lately, so it could have been last week. I didn’t think to check beforehand and I was forced to do all the level 420 delve with the same traits as you can inly change it once delve is started

This is a great idea for QoL change. I always go in and adjust the traits each time, because of just seeing better choices. But I have been burned copying a team just to get a quick look and forgetting to adjust my class back. :woman_facepalming:

I’m not sure if it’s related to this, but I just tried pasting a team into the Event slot in Manage Team and it wouldn’t let me do it, so I had to recreate it manually :frowning:

Agree 100%

Staring at the import screen for a moment, and this thread popped in my mind.
What they could do is to add a toggle for each option, a simple one like “ Copy” below each part (flag, troops, class).
Would be nice too if it shows (with a star*) if a talent is different from your build, so you can see right away without having to double guess.