Copying team with "Any" talent unselects talent if unlocked

Platform, device version and operating system: PC/Android

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When pasting a team from a player who has fewer champion talents unlocked than you, any talents on the team that show up as “Any” get unselected in your class. Instead of removing talents, I would expect it to keep whatever was selected before.
It’s kind of hard to explain, read steps to reproduce.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s been happening for a while, presumably since the team sharing was introduced.

Steps to make it happen again

Here’s my Stormcaller talent tree at the start, I unlocked and picked the first 4 talents:

Here is the team I am copying:

Now if I look at my Stormcaller talent tree:

Taking this team to a battle and looking at the hero’s talents confirms that my previously selected talents have been unselected, I don’t have Purification, Wind Speed or Fey Vengeance, which is what I previously had selected.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. If this is the intended behavior, I would expect the talent to say “None” in the team instead of “Any”. As is, it’s a bit of an issue, especially since talents are per class and apply in any team that uses it and there’s no indication that a talent has been unselected when pasting.


The 7 single digit numbers are the selected talents. When you copy a code with 0’s in it, your talents get unselected

I think the request was that 0’s should not reset talents that are already earned and selected. I agree.

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Yes ideally it should work that way. I was just explaining why the talents got unselected

FYI, if you remove all of the talent codes (or change them all to zero), your talents will be “as they were before”, with none being changed. That is one of the things I do when storing/sharing codes that don’t require a specific talent set (that wouldn’t normally be set).

Probably for the best, yeah. I was kinda using this as a “feature” to completely unset some talents to showcase earlier leveled versions of the class without just doing “pick the most useless talent in the tier instead of the best one”… but I guess that works well enough when I need to. If it has to be either the 0’s overwriting with a blank slot or just leaving whatever was there before, I’d prefer they left existing talents in place. (Although -1 as a talent code to unset the talent would still be appreciated)