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UNSC recruitment - [Spots Available]

UNSC is looking to recruit some new members who would like a more laid back guild.

Our minimums are:
Seals: 1200+
Trophies: 100+
Gold: 100k
Event participation (war, raid, invasion)

We use a Xbox club chat that is active everyday. We all enjoy playing gems of war but do not want to make playing a second job. We have many veteran players over level 1000 with tons of knowledge to help out the rest of our members.

You can message my gamer tag Kellando on Xbox if you are interested or you can leave a message here.

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At least 2 spots are open. Please message me if you are interested.

Spartan ZAROOS ready to deploy, sir!

If you deemed me worthy.

Bump bumpity bump

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I have a few spots open, if you are interested please message my gamer tag Kellando and I’ll get back to you ASAP.