Recruiting U.N.S.C. Rank 12 guild

Four slots available. Must at least make weekly seals. My gamertag is Mrs Affects. Add me

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Free Bumps in the night.

Out of curiosity, are there any other requirements such as gold donations or a weekly trophy goal?

There are no set gold or trophy minimums, all we ask is that you play and donate when and what you can. If I’m not mistaken we are currently rank 25 now.

We have one spot left.

Well, I’m looking for a more active guild so if you still have a spot open I’d like to join.

Just need to know your level and if you’ll be able to get the seals every week and your invite code.

Level is 317, and as for weekly seals I often cap with at least over 1000 a week in my current guild, but then again we barely hit the 10,000 seals threshold as a whole.

Just need your invite code.

Are your four spots still open? I have exactly four people that if we choose to come over we hit the 1500 seals every week however most do not have all lvl 10 cities but donate over 100k gold.

I’m sorry to say but we only have two spots available right now.

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One day left until reset, if you want to get in, now’s the time. We are a guild that doesn’t require any gold or trophy donations. We only ask that you be able to get the 1500 seals, have level 10 cities (We can work with you on this), and be at least level 100. With that being said, we have donated almost 9 million gold and at last count over 6000 trophies this week and we have hit the 40K seal mark. I can’t guarantee you that we will complete all statues day one but we will get there. If you feel like you want to grow with us please, leave a message here, or send Dogtag75 or MrsAffects a message on Xbox live. Did I mention we are rank 19 now, closing in one 18 within a day or two.

We are two players (daily but not guaranteed to stay that way) that seem like a good fit for your guild. I’ve posted above under the thread “Guild of two…” so if you peruse that post and we look like a good fit, let me know. If we don’t get anyone interested in expanding my guild (which is obviously far superior to yours since you are ranked in the 20s and my number is much, much bigger than yours), we’d be interested in finding a new home. Even though my home is better than yours.

Also, an appreciation of dry wit is pretty much non-negotiable. I already have a girlfriend; I don’t need anyone else telling me I’m not funny.

It’s easier to get ahold of me on the console if not here. Gamertag: Mrs Affects
All kingdoms level 10, must get 1500 seals weekly and be over level 100. :grinning:

One spot available.

Requirements level 100 must get weekly seals. Add me: Mrs Affects

two spots available?

Spaces available. 1500 weekly seals requirement. Must be over level 100.

Still have opportunity to join his guid ? ty

What is your level?