Recruiting U.N.S.C. Rank 12 guild

my lvel is 104

hey there, i was wondering if you still have room in your guild. currently level 492 and play daily. lewd llama 69_aywm

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Add dogtag75 and message him. He is the guild leader. There should be a slot for you. Hurry

What is your gamertag

Just wanted to say you folks are doing great in GW. Iā€™m sure your moving up to Bracket 1 next week!


Thanks @Strat, nice of you to say. Not sure if the guild will be happy about having to possibly fight Guilf of Thieves members but the rewards will be better.

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Well, hopefully it will go well. Simply going into that top bracket alone is a large spike in rewards too so there will be more incentives to max every sentinel.