Guild Recruiting - Rank 12 UNSC (Currently Full)

Greeting fellow gemmers, Rank 12 U.N.S.C. is looking for 0 to fill our ranks.

Minimum Weekly Requirements:
100,000 Gold.
80 Trophies.
1000 Seals.
Level 200+, negotiable if very active.
Guild Wars is not required.
We would like your cities to be level 10 but it’s not required either, just don’t donate until they are.

I try to maintain a guild that allows it’s members to have the freedom to play other games, we are a relaxed guild that completes all statues and has 40k seals by the end of the week. Most members donate way over the min’s ranging from 200k to 1 million or more a week.

As a fellow gamer I understand there will be things in life beyond anyones control, I also understand that life happens and people need time off or they burn out. All it takes is a message to me letting me know that things are going on in your life or your going on vacation or you’re at the breaking point and just need some time off, completely understandable.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and you’re willing to give us a chance, we will gladly take a chance on you. We have three forms of communication - The game chat, Xbox live conversation and we have a club that is open to all. There should always be someone avalible to answer any questions you may have.

Please message Dogtag75 on Xbox Live or let your interest be known in here, I usally check the forums a couple of time a day.